Saturday, 22 July 2017

We Got Engaged

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Only a slightly delayed post, but back in April 2016, something really exciting happened and I felt like it should be properly documented on here despite my slight hiatus.

Josh picked me up from work on a Friday afternoon to drive us to Bristol to go to, what I thought was, a gig at a pub with some friends. He told me we were staying at a friend's for the weekend so I had packed a bag ready for the occasion. On the way, we took a bit of a weird route but I didn't really think much of it, until we pulled up at a farm, long before we got to Bristol.

We pulled into the farm and drove around the back. I was very bemused at this point. Tucked away in the woods behind the farm was the beautiful Uplands Treehouse. I thought Josh was surprising me with a weekend away but it was so much more. I'd always wanted to stay in a treehouse and have spent ages browsing through Canopy and Stars - there's something so magical and fun about them. I genuinely thought we would still be meeting friends and for some reason thought they were going to be staying at the treehouse too... until I got up the stairs and to the treehouse door. Josh had already been to the treehouse in the daytime and decorated the already beautiful interior with fairy lights and 100 polaroid pictures of the fun times and adventures we'd been on so far, pegged up on string across the treehouse. I turned around in awe and he got down on one knee and proposed with the most perfect, vintage inspired ring that he'd secretly bought.

With the treehouse fridge full of prosecco, cheese and all our favourite picnic foods, we spent the rest of the weekend at the treehouse, giggling at the alpacas in the next field and exploring the local villages. Josh managed to plan the perfect engagement, without me suspecting a thing. We're now planning our wedding for November 2017 - that's less than 4 months away! Plans are well underway and I can't wait.