Monday, 15 June 2015

Getting ready for a summer wedding

Summer is here already and I can't believe how fast the past year has gone. In August last year I was bridesmaid to Josh's sister, Sarah. When Mira Showers* asked me how I'd get ready for a special occasion, whether that's a summer wedding, day at the races or even just a BBQ with friends, I knew exactly which event I was going to write about.

We started the day with a light breakfast of fresh fruit, warm pastries and, of course, an obligatory glass (or two) of prosecco. After jumping in the shower, using a body scrub to reinvigorate and washing my hair, I used a frizz resistant serum to ensure it stayed silky smooth and styled all day. I chose to style my hair with loose waves, to match the boho festival theme of the wedding. It was the perfect theme for Sarah and her husband, Max, both seriously laid back music and festival lovers. For me, leaving plenty of time to get ready is key for a special occasion - it means you're not stressed and rushing around at the last minute, which is never a good start! I like to shower, then relax for a while in my dressing gown with a cuppa, before getting dressed and doing my hair and makeup. Mira have an amazing selection of showers and shower heads to make getting ready easy and leave you feeling calm yet invigorated. My favourite is the 360 shower head, with four different functions to choose from. Rain, burst, cloud and storm - you're bound to find your perfect shower with that selection!

Once we were ready, it was time to get dressed. The bridesmaids dresses were by Little Mistress and I had mine altered by Sarah's aunty. I had to have four inches shopped off the bottom, plus an inch or two taken off the straps too, but that meant it fitted me perfectly, despite losing a little of the pattern from the bottom. They were the perfect dresses for the wedding theme, matching the bright colours and flowers scattered throughout the church and reception venue.

It was so much fun getting ready and helping Sarah get ready too, before sending her off to the church in the VW camper van. I really feel like the girly getting ready part before a wedding is a huge part of the day, especially when you're a bridesmaid! It was a lovely ceremony at the church, followed by an awesome afternoon and evening at the reception. There were two amazing bands, fun summer fete style games, delicious food, lots of gin and so much dancing. I can't believe they've almost been married for a year, it really has flown by!