Sunday, 3 May 2015

Barry M - Daylight Curing Nail Paints

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Varnish review
Barry M Sunset Daylight curing nail polish swatches

I recently won these Barry M Sunset Nail Paints in a competition on Twitter, it was such a lovely surprise to hear I'd won in the middle of a normal working day. I've had Shellac manicures before, so hearing that these polishes should look and last the same as salon polishes cured with a UV light intrigued me. Seeing as I'd been lucky enough to receive the full set, I thought I'd put them to the test and see if they're any replacement for expensive gel manicures.

Barry M recommend applying two thin layers of colour followed by a layer of the daylight curing topcoat. I followed instructions, but found that the two thin layers did not leave my nails as opaque as I would like, so added a third layer to create a more solid shade. I found that the layers dried really quickly, which is great for me, as I'm pretty impatient when painting my nails.

I love the vibrant colours in the range. For my first mani I chose Peach for the Stars, the bright coral pink shade, second from left in the top photo. It's a beautiful shade and leaves a really high shine, much like a Gelish or Shellac salon manicure, as well as a super smooth finish.

I've heard a couple of comments about chipping with these polishes. I found that they lasted well for a couple of days - even doing the washing up - but then started to chip around the edges following that. So they're not quite as long lasting as they may claim, or as long as a salon manicure, but for a five pound polish - they're not too bad. I love the super smooth, shiny finish they give - and if that chips after a couple of days, then that's okay with me. 


  1. I love getting a Shellac manicure, but for in between Barry M is a great alternative! x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  2. Thanks for the honest review - I was tempted to get some of these but the appeal to me is definitely that they would mirror the effect of having a gel manicure - i.e. chip proof for at least a week (as even with gels I still manage to chip mine v quickly!!). Still as you say for at fiver they are worth a go x

  3. Lucky you! They are really lovely shades but I only got the Teal on and although the colour was opaque, I found that it chipped round the edges too, though I didn't bother getting the top coat xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  4. The pink and peach shades are cute!! I guess ypu can't expect too much for a fiver! ;)

    Tara x

  5. I LOVE that dark pink shade, I have never had Shellac but I'm more than happy to spend a fiver on these instead, haha!

    Maria xxx