Sunday, 12 April 2015

Ultra Brow - the ultimate eyebrow palette by Makeup Revolution

Ultra Brow Makeup Revolution review
Makeup revolution ultra brow kit swatches
makeup revolution fair eyebrow palette swatches review
Ultra Brow - Makeup Revolution (Fair-Medium)*
Swatches as product appears in palette

I don't fill my eyebrows in - but purely because I hadn't yet found a product that doesn't look unnatural on my fair eyebrows. Despite my hair being a mid-auburn/brown, my eyebrows are light and more suited to someone with much fairer hair. Most people manage to do it perfectly, despite having lighter eyebrows, but for some reason I always turn out looking like a pantomime Dame. Even Benefit's fairest Browzings kit hasn't worked out for me and, usually, Benefit can do no wrong in my books.

Makeup Revolution have bought out another amazing product, possibly solving my eyebrow issues! Ultra Brow contains one fair eyebrow pencil, four powders in varying shades, two tinted waxes, an arch enhancing cream, highlighter, tweezers and brush applicators. They've pretty much covered all bases with this nifty little kit. 

I'm so impressed with the powder shades which, as you can see from my freckled arm, range from a lightest of light, barely there blond shade to a light-mid brown - perfect for any lighter complexions and hair colours. The brown wax is a little darker and I'll be using this sparingly, but the lighter wax could easily be applied over the top of a powder to set the product. The arch enhancing cream (long, thin product in top right of palette) is genius, neatening up your arch after you've finished splashing coloured powder over your brows - it's the perfect end to your eyebrow routine. 

Yet again, I'm really impressed with Makeup Revolution's newest release. I'd definitely recommend checking it out if, like me, you've so far struggled to find your perfect brow shade - look no more! Based on the range of colours in the fair-medium palette, I'm sure that the medium-dark and dark-black palettes are just as impressive.


  1. This looks lovely, I definitely need to get into doing my eyebrows!

  2. I love the choice of shades here, they look great!

    Maria xxx

  3. Fantastic recommendation, I definitely haven't found the right palette yet so definitely worth the try :)

    Thank you love,

    With love from London, Hayley x

  4. The shades look so lovely! I must try this product, great post! Thank you for sharing this :)

  5. I bought 2 other affordable kits recently but I haven't seen this one before! I'd definitely give it a go.

    Tara x

  6. Oh wow, I absolutely NEED this product! I've always wanted a brow enhancing kit and this one is gorgeous. All the shades look perfect, not to mention the complete set of brushes! I think this is the perfect palette.
    Totally will check it out, thanks for sharing!


  7. this looks really nice! Thanks for sharing and i will check it out for sure x

  8. great palette! I heard so many goods things about Make Up Revolution! I am so going to place an order soon :)

    I am following you :)