Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Job Interview: What To Wear

After returning from travelling, I started looking for a job. I was offered a couple of interviews and the instant worry of 'what to wear?!' popped into my head. It's always a tricky one, you want to look smart and professional, but sometimes it's beneficial to look relatively on trend too. Especially if you're ever going for a job at a creative company, your outfit can say a lot about your personality and creative flare. 

This dress from George at Asda is the ultimate multi-tasking dress. It's a very flattering, flared shape with a cute button hole at the back. On it's own, it's a simple black dress that could be dressed down for everyday, or it could be smartened up with a blazer and heels making it suitable for job interviews. 

Now I'm comfortably in a job again, this blazer is my go-to smart item. It's great to pop on over the top of a more casual dress, turning my normal office day-dresses into smarter outfits. Perfect for London meetings which involve a bit of travel either side.


  1. A massive congrats on the new job Emily! How exciting!

  2. Congratulations on the new job Emily! x

  3. Congratz on your new job! And what a lovely outfit. Much love, Sjoukje

  4. Oooh congrats on the job, that dress is a perfect interview dress :)

    Sophie x

  5. Well I would hire you! ;) This look is the perfect combination of smart and stylish!

    Tara x

  6. This is such an ace outfit and perfect for a new job (which sounds ace by the way!)

    Maria xxx