Friday, 9 January 2015

Your favourites from 2014

I'm slightly slow on the old '2014 review' posts this year, but it's been a busy time for me! I've been visiting friends in London, moved house, unpacked and it was my birthday yesterday... all fair excuses, I feel.

Here's the posts you guys liked the most [according to stats], from each category, in 2014!

This 'Outfit: For a not-so-summery day' post went down a treat in June. I still love this dress and wore it on Christmas day.

My 'How to: Contour and Define' tutorial was also a hit last year, showcasing products from everyone's brand of the year - Makeup Revolution. 

Food was the front runner in the lifestyle category and I definitely agree with this one. The veggie breakfast and pancakes from Bill's Restaurant in Brighton were amazing! 

Finally, the most loved travel post from 2014 was all about travelling in Chiang Mai, Thailand, featuring this beautiful tree tied with sacred ribbons to stop tree felling.

So there we go, let's see what posts 2015 brings! There will definitely be less travel coming up and more lifestyle and beauty over the next few weeks, as I've now settled down and begun looking for a permanent job that I can get stuck into. Routine will be resumed!

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  1. food was the front runner in lifestyle this year, too!
    loved this post