Sunday, 9 November 2014

Hong Kong Photo Diary - Guest Post by Daisybutter

While Emily conquers South East Asia this autumn, she kindly asked me to help babysit her blog and share a post of my own with you lovely ladies. I’m Michelle and I write a lifestyle and fashion blog, Daisybutter. Seeing as I’ve just got back from Hong Kong myself, I thought I’d share a mini travel photo diary with my end of town, a.k.a. the highlights of my second hometown.

High rise buildings are commonplace in the New Territories. This is the amazing view from the living room (well, living space would be more accurate) in my apartment.

Mong Kok is the ultimate shopping tourist destination but also one of my favourite districts. I snapped this cliche neon signage photo on the way to Etude House and dinner.

This sausage and bread roll from my favourite Japanese bakery made my entire day. It’s like a wrap around hot dog. A hot dog that essentially never ends.

Meet Yandy, my cousin’s tiny toy poodle! She was 8 weeks and 2 days old when I got to meet her and have puppy cuddles. Tiny toy breeds are popular in Hong Kong where the living spaces are so small.

I met up with fellow blogger Winnie at Causeway Bay for some gossip and shopping - such is #bloggerlife - and she introduced me to TeaWood, an awesome place for Taiwanese bubble tea and dessert.

For the first time in my 23 years of living, I got to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong! Check out this Snow Chocolate Crunch ice-cream moon cake.

Chinese lanterns being set up for the Mid-Autumn Festival lantern carnival at Victoria Park.

Found this Hakka village style building in a garden in Tsuen Wan, my hometown. Days of exploration always pay off!

The cliche travel blogger money shot.

Thank you so much to Michelle for guest-posting while I'm away. Hong Kong is on my must visit travel list, so this post is perfect :) if only we could just pop to HK on our way home from Asia! Please make sure you check out Michelle's blog if you don't already follow her, she's an amazing writer and you'll be hooked instantly!


  1. I'm intrigued by that snow chocolate crunch ice-cream moon cake! :D

    Amy at Amy & More

  2. Amazing photographs. I'd love to visit that city one day.. X

  3. Ahh her photos have got me SO excited for HK!!! :)

  4. omg these pictures are amazing. I want to go to HK so bad! x