Wednesday, 8 October 2014

3 months of travel starts... now!

My blogging schedule went right out the window over the past couple of weeks, oops. Josh and I have been touring around the country running Headphone Disco events for loads of the UK's universities - did anyone go to one during Fresher's Week? If you did, you would have most likely seen us there, DJing on stage or armed with thousands of headphones for you to listen to! Being that busy and moving around all the time unfortunately meant that blogging just wasn't a priority for me - it happens sometimes and luckily you guys are still here on my return, which is nice! If you're interested in reading what we got up to on our Fresher's tour, then you can read Josh's write up here

I've had a few days to recover from the Fresher's madness, so now it's time to start getting excited and plan for our next adventure! Tomorrow we leave for a 3 month trip to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia! This is the final leg in our crazy year - so far we've lived and snowboarded in the Alps, travelled to Thailand, spent the summer moving from festival to festival - now it's the last 3 months of travel, then home for Christmas and finally settling down. I'm probably manically packing as we speak [/type], it's a bit harder than just packing for Thailand - I feel like I need some more fashionable outfits, compared to the usual travelling clothes, to wear in Australia! I cannot wait to get to Aus and catch up with Kim - I've missed her so much since she's been living out there, we've gone from seeing each other almost every day to not seeing each other for a whole 12 months!

The writing style of this post seems pretty erratic right now ha, but it's the excitement I promise! I had planned to schedule up loads of posts before I left for travelling, but that just hasn't happened [oops again]. I do have a couple of guest posts from some lovely ladies for you to read, then I will get some things scheduled and as with Thailand last time, I will be posting about our adventures as we go along! This blog definitely won't be going quiet for the whole three months, but please stick with me anyway. My Instagram and Twitter will be easier to update, so keep an eye on those if you'd like. I don't even know how to end this post, apart from going AHHHHHH! Wish me luck on the plane, let's hope they have good films to occupy my flight-hating mind!


  1. AHH I'm so jealous! I've just come back from 14 months in Australia and New Zealand and I miss it so much! You're gonna love it! Can't wait to see your posts! :) xx

  2. This sounds amazing! I am seriously so jealous. I hope you have the most amazing time! Embrace every experience, I cannot wait to read all about it xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. AHHH it feels like you're going to be here so soon now :) even though it's another couple of months away really. I am SO excited already!! I can't wait to hear about all your other travels when you get here too.
    And I've just realised I forgot to do a guest post for you!! Oh my god, I'm the worst friend ever :( maybe you shouldn't come see me after all! HA! Jokkkes please still come, I promise I'll make it up to you!! Safe flight guys! xxxxxxxxx

  4. How exciting!! I've always wanted to go to New Zealand, I can't wait to read about your adventures!


  5. This sounds like the trip of a lifetime! I'm so jealous, but I hope that you have an amazing time and I can't wait to read all about it on your blog! xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  6. Ah gosh i'm jealous of all your travelling - it seems like you've had such a fantastic year you lucky devil! Can't wait to read all about your adventures.

  7. It would be so funny if I bumped into you whilst you visit Malaysia! And really cool! Hope you enjoy your trip!

  8. Wow what a crazy year you have had! I hope you have a lovely time for the final part of your year x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  9. How exciting!!! xx

  10. i'm so jealous of your travelling! Have an amazing time! x

    I've got a giveaway over on my blog if you want to check it out :)