Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Cornershop - a shop filled entirely with felt products!

The Cornershop - Bethnal Green
The Cornershop - Lucy Sparrow
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While we were in London a last week, we took a trip to The Cornershop in Bethnal Green. Josh initially found out about this project through crowd-funding website, Kickstarter - he's a bit of a Kickstarter fan, having backed over 90 projects now - so of course he backed this one too. He tends to go for any quirky, fun projects so this one definitely fits the bill!

Lucy Sparrow is the artist behind The Cornershop, who wanted to create a "fluffy shopping experience" while playfully questioning the politics of consumerism. The shop is entirely filled with felt replicas of our favourite cornershop products - there's chocolate, sweets, papers, milk, tins of beans and soup and even the till is felt! It's interesting to look around, although it's a tiny shop and it was incredibly busy when we visited [on a Friday afternoon], you can also buy the products from the store and take them home/have them delivered once the store is closed at the end of August. In my eyes, the project questions the amount of money we spend on cool, fun yet useless items. I don't completely know how I feel about this, as I'm a sucker for pretty, shiny, decorative items that I don't really need but I know that the money could be better spent within my own life and in others' too. Maybe in future I'll be questioning whether I really need to spend my money on something I don't essentially need, who knows. We're risking this all getting a bit deep, so I'm going to stop there and think about it some more. 

What do you think the message is behind a shop full of felt products, or do you think it's just a fun display? Have you been to see the shop? It's open until the end of August so pop down if you're near the Shoreditch/Bethnal Green area!


  1. What a unique idea, thanks for the pictures! I can't think what the message could be, but it looks fun nonetheless!

  2. I've never seen or heard of anything like this, so the plush stuff is actually FOR SALE? that's kinda strange if anyone buys a plushie of milk, lol! Very interesting though, thanks for sharing! :)


  3. This sounds so sweet, i wish i lived closer to London as I would definitely go down there! I completely agree with you about consumerism, we do spend far to much money on things that don't matter or could be better spent. Unfortunately, that is the world we live in today xx

  4. where about is this in london? im there twice next month and would love to visit.

  5. Great post! I’ve seen this project advertised. It’s quite interesting. I like the photos! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  6. I think this is the most amazing thing I have seen! Super awesome and I'm sad I didn't know about it last time I was in London.

    ~ K

  7. I love the message that the shop is conveying! I'm much more about spending money on experiences than material goods. Granted I do fall victim to the shiny, new thing every now and again. :)