Tuesday, 5 August 2014

That weirdo with 5 feathers in her hair

install hair feathers at home
DIY hair feathers

What better time to get feathers in your hair than when you're working festival season?! I've seen a couple of these hair feather stands around the festivals this year and decided to get some put in at NASS a few weeks ago. They were done by Feather Tree and so easy to install, it took seconds! Please excuse the frizz in the photos, it's the humidity ;).

They take a tiny piece of hair and thread it [plus the feathers] through a small metal clamp. They then squeeze the clamp and secure the feathers to the hair. To remove, all you have to do is take normal household pliers and squeeze the clamp the opposite way to release. The feathers can be washed and styled the same as your normal hair, apparently if looked after well they can last up to six months! Mine have been in for about 3 weeks now and they're still the same as when they were put in, apart from a tiny kink has appeared in the photo above, probably created by my frizzy bedhead hair. 

You can buy the feathers to install yourself via ebay, I haven't bought any yet so can't recommend a seller but you can find them all here. I'm thinking of buying a few more to install myself. If I can't be a big ol' hippy in festival season then when can I?! :)


  1. I think the feathers look really great in your hair and you're right it's perfect for festival season!

    Much love xxx

  2. These really suit your hair- they would just look out of place on mine! x

  3. I love feather hair extensions!!
    L x

  4. I have one in currently and I love it. I bought beads, 50 feathers, and the tool needed online for $15 so whenever I need to replace one I do it myself. I just love feather extensions. xx

  5. Oh I love these! They look like a great more unusual alternative to the flower crown which is EVERYWHERE this year!


  6. what a fun post! you rock the feathers!

  7. I tried some fake feathers that you have to put in the hair yourself but I was not a fan, they would always slide down and they were just annoying to remove to wash hair x