Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Old Wives Tail - Melado Hair Growth Oil Treatment


I'm constantly urging my hair to grow longer and faster than it does. Then paying around £40 for a hair cut but asking them to barely cut anything off, which is always too much. So any product which claims to improve hair growth always catches my eye, whether it truly does or not! It's a tricky one to measure [literally], but any product which improves the condition, health and feel of my hair is a good'un in my books. 

Old Wives Tail have a lovely brand story - all treatments are the product of a homemade recipe passed down through the generations, originating in Portugal and ending up in the UK. The 'Old Wives' part of the brand name relates to the older generations of the family and the 'Tail' linking it all up with hair!

The Melado Oil Treatment is a product packed full of organic essential oils, designed to soften the hair and nourish right down into the hair follicle. The consistency of the product is like that of any of the oils we're familiar with, such as olive oil, so it's pretty runny. The directions state that the product should be massaged into damp hair - I just run my head under the shower slightly then towel dry until just damp. I then pour a small amount of oil into the palms of my hands and rub together before applying to my scalp - do this over the shower or sink! Once the scalp is covered, I use a wide tooth comb to distribute the oil through the lengths. Pop your hair up into a bun then just chill out for an hour, or use the time to write up a blog post like I did! Once the hour's up, wash your hair as normal then pop a little conditioner just on the ends - you really won't need much. I find that I need two shampoos to get all the treatment out of my hair and a thorough rinse too.

After my hair is dry, it feels so soft and nourished. The ends especially feel much smoother and less flyaway - I love the fact that a product with no chemicals or crazy-named ingredients can achieve this too. The smell of the essential oils, lavender in particular, fill the bathroom while you're using the product and lightly transfer to the hair when dry too - it smells lovely. I can't really comment just yet whether it's made my hair grow any faster - but it's keeping it looking, smelling and feeling in very good condition which are all positives for me! Do you think hair treatments make your hair grow any faster? Which products should I try out?


  1. I find the best way for my hear to grow is to stop dying it, and stop brushing it hard. I get really frustrated because it tangles up so easy that I'm way too rough on it, and just end up damaging it beyond repair. Oil is nice though to seal the ends and keep it looking nice :)

  2. This sounds nice! I use Redken Anti-Snap, at first I was really impressed but now I just think it's a bit overhyped. :(

    Tara x