Thursday, 7 August 2014

Iconemesis Fifi Lapin Teacup Case

I'm all for helping to support smaller brands and artists, so when I got an email about Iconemesis' IndieGoGo campaign I was only happy to help out. I have previously worked with the brand and know how good their products are. Last time I was asked to review this Gemma Correll unicorn phone case, which I sadly lost when I was in Thailand [along with my phone too], so I thought I'd go for a different style this time, choosing to feature the cute Fifi Lapin wearing a pretty unique teacup dress, to accessorise my phone. 

The case itself is made from a super strong, durable plastic. I've already tested it out and dropped my phone a few times for good measure [accidentally] and it's held up so far! I also left my phone at the train station and amused the lost property department by describing it as an iphone with a bunny wearing a teacup on the back... With most people having the same, or very similar, phones these days, it's nice to accessorise with a case to make yours stand out.  

Iconemesis have set up a crowd funding campaign in order to fund the new manufacturing process they want to undertake to grow their business. I imagine it's pretty hard to take the jump from being a small business to a large one, so crowd funding is a great way of increasing awareness as well as raising, well... funds. Click through, read their campaign and help out if you can!

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  1. It's sooo cute! I love the snap of you using your phone. :)

    Tara x