Tuesday, 12 August 2014

How to: Highlight & Brighten

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My last post was all about how to contour using makeup, including how to apply highlight. So for this post I thought I'd talk about some of my favourite highlight and brightening products. If you're going to contour your cheeks, I feel that it's essential to make sure the highlight is on point too. The two techniques work perfectly together, leaving you with a defined, glowing face. 

No one wants to end up with a glittery face after using makeup, so it's essential that your highlight is a super smooth product to leave a subtle shimmer. You want to compliment your contouring and the rest of your makeup, rather than make your cheek bones stand out for the wrong reasons. 

This is a bronze/gold highlight that I love using during the summer when I have a bit more of a tan. It's almost a gel consistency and I apply along the tops of my cheekbones using a Zoeva Angled Buffing Brush. You can read my full review and see it in action here

This is a liquid highlight from Benefit, which I dab along my cheekbones with the small brush applicator then blend well with fingers. It's a pearly pink colour which works best on my skin tone when it's not tanned, it's a really good highlight for paler girls I find. It leaves an amazing subtle sheen to the skin and a little goes a really long way.

Another pale pink highlight, but in powder form this time. This is a soft and blend-able powder highlight that is surprisingly good for such a cheap brand! You can read my full review and see swatches here

Not technically a highlight, but a brightening primer intended to be used all over the face. I personally prefer to use this primer in the places I want a bit of a glow and highlight... not everywhere, especially when contouring. I gently blend this product over the top of my cheekbones after applying foundation, but before powder, to create an under the skin type of sheen. 

This little kit contains both That Gal and High Beam, plus Dandelion blusher and a couple of sample size mascara and eyeliners. I'd definitely recommend getting your hands on this to test out these products. 


  1. Lovely kit, looks so luxuruous!
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