Sunday, 3 August 2014

Favourite Blog Posts: July

There've been a few posts like this around and about recently, but I don't think jumping on the bandwagon is a bad thing in the slightest. I've been included in a couple of blog love posts myself, so I want to pass on the feeling it gave me to others too. That might possibly be the cheesiest thing I've written on this blog [possibly not though] but it's true, I felt so pleased people liked my blog enough to share it on their own blogs it was crazy. So here's some posts that I have loved in June...

I would love to live next door to Katy. I'd just pop round, sit in her fort, play with Little R her cat [I'm not even a cat person] and ask her nicely to make me amazing smoothies and iced coffees - it would be the best. There was a recent post on Little Winter purely dedicated to fort building, you need to check it out! As well as forts, Katy's blog features the most Pinterest-worthy photos of her house, life and style - I'm sure you're already following her but if you're not, you should. Soppy declaration of fort-love, over.

How perfect for summer are these watermelon nails? I've loved Caroline's blog for ages and her nail art always makes me envious. I'd love the patience to be able to do some of the nail art she does, plus her whole nail varnish collection! Caroline also posts the loveliest outfits and has the best home/interior style too!

Tara takes the most gorgeous outfit photos, I need to pin her down [not literally] and ask her to give me some tips, outfit photos aren't my forte! Her style is lovely and always leaves me wanting clothes I never thought I would covet, she wears everything so well! I love the setting of this particular post, the grass and reeds make a beautiful backdrop and highlight the dress so well.

My beauty weakness is blusher, I am drawn to the blush section of any makeup counter like a moth to a flame. So, of course, I clicked through to Catherine's post as soon as I saw the title and the accompanying image. If you'd like to find the perfect summer blush for your skin tone then you need to read this post! Catherine also runs an online vintage business and often posts snippets of her own vintage-filled home on her Instagram, making me want to buy everything!

Last but not least, it's my real life friend and ex-work buddy, Kimmy! Kim moved out to Australia from the UK in January and was living in Melbourne but has just moved to Sydney. I love reading her blog posts about Oz and her new lifestyle, it's so weird to think she's on the other side of the world but we still talk so normally through Whatsapp. I'm going to be in Australia in December, so reading her posts gets me all excited about the things I'm going to see and do. I can't wait to catch up with Kim and Stew face to face! :) 

Hopefully you check these lovely blog posts out and enjoy them as much as I have. I'd love to know your favourite posts for this month too!


  1. Great idea for a post! Recognises the hard work of other bloggers and gives the rest of us new blogs to follow! Win Win! Looking forward to the next edition :-) xx

  2. I always love these types of posts - can never have too much blog love!

  3. Great post! I'm off to go and check these blogs out! Thanks for sharing the love xx

  4. Oh Emily! You are the absolute sweetest 0 thank you so much for your kind words. :) That grass was hella itchy but no pain, no gain hahaha! I always love Burkatron's posts and of course, Kim's Aussie posts! x

    Tara xo

  5. You absolute delight you are! you know that you are welcome whenever, some come be my neighbour yeah? Thanks Emily. MWAH xx

  6. AN;
    Not being able to fall asleep is horrible but that night it felt a bit better thanks to the sky! x

  7. This post is so cool! I haven't seen it before, omg that blush post looks amazing - i'm a sucker for awesome blush :)

  8. Love this, and your nails are just great! Plus I love amazing blush and that one on here looks just too perfect! :)

  9. Nice post.Really like it! :)
    Antonella <3

  10. I love this type of post :) Oh, and there's not too long to go until December. Well there is, but there isn't considering how quickly this year has already flown by. You'll be in Oz in no time lol ;) X

  11. Love the fort, wish I had one.

  12. What a great post! Loving that indoor fort.

    Jules x

  13. I'll be in Australia in December too! Looks like all the Brit bloggers are invading :) xx

  14. What a wonderful post. I love blushes as well, but somehow I own just two. Yet, I always think I should get more, but I get always overwhelmed by all shades, so I leave and just go away.

    xoxo Ra