Thursday, 10 July 2014

Paddling on Brighton beach with Ipanema

Ipanema Sandals* - Gisele Bundchen Ocean Sandal

What better place to test out my new Ipanema sandals than on Brighton's pebble beach? It's not quite the Brazilian beach of the company's namesake, but it's the closest we're going to get in the UK! 

I love these sandals at the moment, they're a bit more elegant than the other flip flops and sandals I own, adding a bit of glamour to a casual summer outfit. These were perfect to bridge the gap between exploring Brighton's Laines in the town centre and heading to the beach for paddling and soaking up the sun on the pebbles. 

The base of the sandals are sturdy, however the straps are much softer rubber - almost like a jelly shoe. There's no rubbing around the toe post or ankle strap which I was slightly worried about, as I've found this with other rubber flip flops and shoes in the past. The mosaic style embellishment down the centre is also made from the same rubber material, making these sandals super durable. Perfect for paddling, they won't be ruined by the salty sea water!

I'm going to be packing these when I next go travelling in October, I was definitely missing a pair of smarter sandals last time. Tatty, very worn flip flops just don't fit the bill when you want to head to a nicer restaurant or bar in the evenings - even in Thailand!


  1. Love those sandals, they're so versatile! Aw Brighton, my happy place!

    Sophie x

  2. Those sandals are so cute, they make me think of Rio! Take me to Thailand with you? ;)

    Tara xo

  3. Love these photos and your new blog layout/design looks amazing! I really need to spruce mine up a bit.

    About to catch up on loads of your posts so prepare yourself for a lot of comments!

    Sweet Monday

  4. What a lovely sandals and lovely pictures too

  5. these look perfect! i usually stick to havaianas or however they are spelt as they do ones with back straps! but we sell these in the normal flip flop style at work and they are so comfy! must see if i can order this design in! xo