Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Makeup Revolution: Blush & Eyeshadow Palettes

makeup revolution baked eyeshadow review

Another amazing set of products from Makeup Revolution - the super cheap makeup brand renowned for their great quality, affordable dupes of our favourite high end products. They have palettes which are identical to the widely loved Urban Decay Naked palettes, liquid blushes to match those of Daniel Sandler, foil eyeshadows just like Stila, liquid velvet lipsticks similar to Lime Crime plus loads more - you can see why they've become a massive hit, incredibly quickly, in the beauty world. I've previously reviewed some other Makeup Revolution products here, including their individual bronzer, blush and lipstick, but this time I was sent a couple of their palettes to test out and review.  

First up is the 'Hot Spice' Blush & Contour palette, including 6 shades of blush plus two pearly mineralise highlights. I love the shades included in this set, with a couple of dusky pinks ranging all the way through a coral and peach. The colours are easy to pick up on a blusher brush, unlike some other cheaper blushers, and are intensely pigmented. When applied to the cheeks they're incredibly easy to blend, making contouring and adding colour a breeze. Most of the shades are matte or have a slight shimmer, however the coral colour in the bottom right is verging on glittery - which I personally am not too keen on. However, this is the only slightly negative point I have about the whole product and for £6 I am really not going to complain about that!

Now, on to the Girls on Film eyeshadow palette. This limited edition palette contains 18 matte and shimmer shades, ranging from neutral colours to various deeper shades suitable for a smokey eye. As with the blushers, these are so intensely pigmented eyeshadows. The product creates minimal fall out on application and they're super soft and easy to blend. I love the colours and some of the neutral shades have become my go-to products for daytime wear. They're standing up to long wear too, using a good primer these shadows will last you all day long! Again, this palette will set you back £6... 18 shadows of this quality for £6 is insane!

Finally, the 5 Baked Eyeshadows priced at £2.50. Makeup Revolution seems to be experts on their baked products, with their baked blusher and bronzer going down a storm in my makeup bag. These are no different, super soft and pigmented once again, these shadows are so easy to use and the combination of colours in each set provides the perfect smokey eye - you can't go wrong! The blue tones in this particular set are pushing my makeup boundaries again, however it's nice to have a variety of shades in your makeup collection so these will definitely be experimented with. There are 5 different colourways in total, the bronze and green sets have definitely caught my eye!   


  1. oooh, i've just ordered a bunch of Make Up Revolution stuff so this is making me even more excited for it to arrive!


  2. I love the Girls on Film eyeshadow palette, I use it every single day now, it's just beautiful! Lovely pictures!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  3. I'm terrible with eye shadow and never replace my eye shadow - however this looks amazing!

    Hmm maybe...

  4. I am loving Makeup Revolution at the mo, the eyshadow palette is gorgeous!

  5. I really want to try Make-Up revolution.. I love budget make-up! xx

  6. Their blush & contour palettes really are amazing!

  7. Hey thanks for visiting my blog :) I've heard of Makeup Revolution in passing but not ever looked too much at their products, can't believe how cheap they are for such great colours! Are you going to show us what they look like on? :) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua : Life in Italy

  8. I need to get ordering! The blush palette looks awesome!

  9. These all look amazing! I placed my first order with Makeup Rev at the weekend - can't wait for it to arrive!

    Gem x | flutter and sparkle - UK beauty and lifestyle blog

  10. Wow what lovely colours!

    Emma x

  11. Can these be bought in the shops?? CheekyCherubCrafts -

    1. Yes, I believe they're available in some Superdrug stores in the UK :) x

  12. Can honestly say I'd never heard of Makeup Revolution before, but now hearing quite a few bloggers post about them, I'm definitely going to have to give them a try! Great post :)