Thursday, 17 July 2014

Lifestyle: Boston Tea Party - Cheltenham

Boston Tea Party Cheltenham
Boston Tea Party Cheltenham review
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I wanted to love Boston Tea Party in Cheltenham so much, but it just didn't happen. I'd walked past the window a couple of times and looked in longingly, the interior design is perfect and I had heard good things about the food.

Josh and I visited one morning when we were in Cheltenham, popping in for coffees and breakfast. Overall, we mostly enjoyed the experience that time, the coffees were lovely - each latte was topped with a coffee art leaf and it was a quiet, chilled out place to spend some time. However the food didn't quite stand up to our expectations, it wasn't awful - it was just okay. I went for the Eggs Royale [Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon instead of ham] and Josh went for Eggs Florentine [spinach instead of ham]. We may have been spoilt in Boston when we had the best eggy brunch ever, but these two were just nothing alike.

I was still undecided on my thoughts, so we decided to give it another go with a couple of friends one weekend. Although, this time we were slightly disappointed again. I'm not going to write a full negative review as they don't deserve that, but the food was very slow [taking around an hour] and completely underwhelming when it arrived. I don't think I'll be eating there again, I'll sticking to coffee on the quiet weekday mornings and taking in the fun decor.

I wanted it to be a local version of Bill's in Brighton, but unfortunately it was not to be. The search continues!


  1. It's such a shame when something doesn't live up to your expectations! :(


  2. Too bad - I hate it when cafes and restaurant which look so awesome and nice don't have nice food!

  3. Bills is just the best eh! Shame it wasn't a great experience :(

    Sophie x

  4. Oh that's such a shame! Boston Tea Party in Exeter is one of my favourite places, although I usually frequent for coffee and cake/sandwiches rather than brunch - still, at least you tried it!


  5. I hate when I have high expectations for a place willing them to do well and the experience doesn't match up it sucks. The milk shakes look nice Lucy x

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