Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Homemade Iced Vanilla Lattes

Iced coffees served up in cute jam jars have been floating around the blogging world for a while now, but after seeing Katy's incredible Caramel Frappes last week I decided to have a go at a simplified version myself. And yes, I am possibly the messiest latte maker in the world...

This is so easy to make, I didn't use a blender as Katy did, or really measure anything out, it's just all done to taste. So, you will need:

- Espresso coffee (using espresso granules or shot of espresso from a machine)
- 1 teaspoon of sugar
- 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
- Ice cubes
- Milk
- A jam jar and straw to serve

Add your coffee granules (1 teaspoon, or shot of espresso) and sugar to your jar. Mix with enough boiling water to dissolve (omit if using shot of espresso), then leave to cool. Add your vanilla essence to taste, and when completely cooled (it doesn't take long) add plenty of ice. Top up with milk, give it a stir, pop in your straw and you're good to go!  

How easy is that?! These are definitely going to become regular Sunday morning drinks for me, tasting just as good as a coffee house iced latte - they're going to save me some pennies too. I only had vanilla essence on hand when making these, but I'm going to buy some coffee syrup or tasty ice cream topping sauce to make more indulgent versions. The essence did work well, but definitely needed the sugar to add the sweetness I love. 

Have you tried making your own iced coffees at home? Which flavours should I try?


  1. sounds perfect for summer! {neeed} xx

  2. :O I need to give this a go. Chris loves iced coffees but we I never drink them as I dint trust coffee shops decafe- now I can make them for us at home!! :) definitely trying vanilla :)

  3. It looks so delicious! And the pictures are amazing x

  4. These sound so good! I've recently bought a coffee machine and I keep telling myself I need to get ice and make these.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

  5. That is a great recipe. I grew up on 'cold coffees' which are effectively the Indian version of Frappuccino's. Much harder to make when you don't have a heavy duty blender but this option looks super convenient . Me xx

  6. I've tried to make my own Iced Coffee's before and always failed, never thought of Vanilla Extract! Going to try this in the morning to keep me away during my commute!

    Such beautiful photography in this post too!

    Laura xx
    Alter Idem