Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Exploring Brighton: Beach & Pier

My last post explored Brighton's Laines and vintage shops, saving my beach and pier photos for a separate post. I got pretty snap happy when we were there, the cute shops and lovely weather were just too much for me! 

We finished shopping and had lunch in the safety of the town [away from the seagulls] then headed towards the bright colours of the beach and pier. First stop was the beach where the beautiful vintage style carousel lives, we sat here on the pebbles and admired the view and the surprisingly clear blue sea. I always think the UK's waters are grimy and uninviting, but Brighton's sea was so blue! Along the seafront we also saw a giant piece of art, made up of small holes punched into a metal to create various couples and pairs. It's the perfect piece of work for Brighton and holds a lovely message.

We headed across the pebbles to take part in some good old fashioned, tacky fun on the pier! I loved walking along the wooden boards and seeing the bright blue sea underneath [even though in my photo it looks green]. We spent plenty of time [and money] on the 2p pusher games, I thrashed Josh at air hockey and we bet on little plastic horses in the races. We wandered back along the pier and looked at all the tacky rides, games, attractions and souvenirs. We even saw a tiny plane pulling a banner message through the sky - what a perfect setting! All in all, it was the perfect summer's day spent by the seaside - I loved my first trip to Brighton and I'll definitely be going back one day.

What should I do there next time?


  1. Lovely photos! I really want to visit Brighton! I've heard such praise!

    Emma x


  2. Beautiful pictures. I'm visiting Brighton for the first time next month - it looks so pretty! x

    Under Blue Lights

  3. Your photographs are so gorgeous and it looks like the beach is such a lovely place to hang out. X Sjoukje from www.lemontierres.com

  4. I love Brighton and spent my last year down there studying! Brighton's nightlife and pubs are pretty cool, and the food is just AMAZING! The other side of the lanes are quite nice to wander round too :) xx