Thursday, 24 July 2014

Beautiful makeup needs beautiful storage

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Does this mean I'm a real beauty blogger now? I finally have some clear acrylic storage! I just need the white dressing table, beautiful bedroom and I'm away. I have serious envy for the homes of some bloggers - so neat and perfect!

I decided I need to improve the storage of my makeup and beauty products, so this is the first step in the long and treacherous journey. At the moment my collection is stashed in tins and old beauty boxes shoved into drawers. I forget I own a lot of products, so often have to have a rummage around to rediscover some old favourites. This set of drawers is the perfect tool to keep my makeup easy to see and find - functional yet still looking good on my dressing table. It has three clear drawers, the perfect size to fit your current favourite lip products, palettes and skincare that you're reaching for frequently. The set of drawers also has little clear rubber feet, so even when you're moving the drawers in and out in a rush, it doesn't move anywhere.

I'm going to be picking up some more of these drawers soon, stacking a couple on top of each other would work perfectly and really save space! These are really encouraging me to mix up my everyday makeup routine, by allowing me to actually see the products I own, rather than always reaching for the ones on the top of my makeup bag day after day.

How do you store your makeup? Do you have any amazing space saving solutions that would still fit in on the perfect beauty blogger's dresser?


  1. Love your storage. I personally don't have a lot of make up so a messy drawer and a little make up bag are enough for me, but if I ever invest in some beautiful lipsticks or mascaras, I'll most definitely store my items similar to yours. x

  2. I'm not sure what my perfect make-up storage would be! I really like the way these clear drawers look for other people but wouldn't choose them for myself if that makes sense...

    Jess xo

  3. The stationary section in shops has some good storage, especially to store things like mascaras. My make-up is sort of in things but then I don't put it back after using something, I just dump it on the surface!
    Amy at Amy & More

  4. I really need to get some of these drawers, I think they look so pretty filled with products xx