Thursday, 19 June 2014

David's Tea, Boston - Glitter & Gold

While in Boston recently, we stumbled across David's Tea. A little shop purely dedicated to selling loose tea and various tea paraphernalia - it was like finding a treasure trove for us Brits in America! I wanted to buy everything, but I restrained myself to picking up this Glitter & Gold loose tea and a tea ball strainer

The shop interior features a long wall, filled with metal canisters each containing a different type of tea. You choose your tea, after being given the opportunity to smell each one and hear it's qualities by the lovely staff, they take it down off the wall and weigh out the amount of your choice. The tea is sold in smaller metal canisters, mimicking those on the wall behind the counter, which are much better than flimsy bags. Opposite the 'tea wall', as we shall call it, stands all the tea paraphernalia making up the second half of the shop. Here you can pick up any strainers, tea pots, beautiful mugs, travel cups, iced tea powders and loads more. It's a lovely place to wander around, even if you're not planning on buying anything. They also have two sample teas that you can test for free each day!

As I mentioned, I picked up Glitter & Gold to bring back to the UK with me. It's a black Chai tea, one of my favourite teas to drink! Containing cloves, lemon peel, vanilla and gold sugar balls, the tea smells so warm and sweet while it steeps. Watching the beautiful shimmer provided by the gold sugar balls keeps you entertained while waiting for the 4 minutes of steeping to be over too. It tastes amazing, as to be expected by the smell, I've been enjoying it milk free in the evenings as a soothing bedtime drink. 

If you happen to be in the Boston area I would definitely recommend a visit to David's Tea, the staff are so welcoming and informative and the range of tea is incredible! I believe David's Tea do also have other stores across America so check out their website if you're off to the US soon.


  1. this sounds totally amazing!

  2. Ah, this sounds dellllicious. I love the little tea ball strainer! <3

    Tara x

    P.S Can't wait to see you at Glasto!

  3. This sounds great, will have to try it
    Rachel XX

  4. Wow this looks amazing, I really wanna try some loose tea leaves, and need to find a strainer. This one looks so cool! The flavour you picked sounds yummy as well. I'd love to get to smell all the different choices, shame I'm no where near Boston.

    Emma x
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  5. I love fruit and green teas. Love this glass cup and the diffuser. I really want to stock up on fun tea cups like this when I'm older. There's a shop here in Aus called T2 (I think they've now opened one in London) and they have the most beautiful tea cups and pots, and a huge selection of different flavoured loose teas. x

    Sweet Monday