Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Outfit: Red Label Monochrome Skater Dress

Jacquard Skater Dress: Red Label* // Belt: Primark // Boots: Rocket Dog

I decided to get my legs out in this post, seeing as for the first time in my life I have a tan! I know it really doesn't look like it, but I am actually quite tanned for me at the moment... it may not be the most conventional type of tan, it's more a large collection of freckles that have merged together to leave my skin slightly less white than it was a couple of months ago... but the sun has made my skin change colour so I'm pretty sure that officially means it's a tan! And breathe.

This Red Label dress is the perfect transitional piece to wear at the moment, when the sun is trying to come out (sometimes) but it's still not very warm. The material is really lovely and thick, so that combined with the sleeves mean it's not too summery an item to wear right now. I braved wearing it with boots and bare legs, plus a jacket, for a girly lunch and shopping day out at the weekend. However it could easily be paired with black tights and a blazer for a warmer and smarter combination.

These are my first outfit photos taken this year I think :| so please excuse the cheesy cheshire cat face, I've forgotten how to pose. My friend Ellie was taking the photos instead of Josh too, so I was being all awkward and shy too! I also believe this is the first time my natural curly hair has featured on my blog, so hi this is my real hair! It hasn't been straightened in over two months now, so I'm quite excited to see how long it's got in that time. Is that really sad? It probably is. 

Now we've returned from Thailand and we're back in the UK for a few months, but I'm going to be moving around the country with Josh and his festival work for the summer, so I'm still being a nomad. But hopefully I'll be able to make outfits a more common occurrence again, along with the odd festival and lifestyle post too :)

What transitional pieces have you been wearing recently? What are you most looking forward to about summer? x


  1. I absolutely LOVE this dress,
    You look gorgeous !!

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

  2. Oooh I love your dress- it's so lovely and suits you so well! Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  3. I love that dress!! It really suits you. Also, very jealous of your hair - it looks beautiful all curly! x

    misellyre - beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog

  4. Your hair looks fab in these photos!

  5. love your dress! I'm looking forward for vacation! Can't believe that Summer is coming very soon.


  6. such a pretty outfit, love your hair!! xx

  7. Your hair looks so beautiful Emily, what a cute frock too!

    Tara x