Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Men:

So Valentine's Day is tomorrow, luckily Josh and I aren't doing presents this year due to being in the middle of travelling and a bit all over the place, because I am particularly unprepared! Usually we set a budget that we're both going to stick to for presents, depending on what else we've got going on at the time.

Mine and Josh's anniversary is only a week after Valentine's Day so often we don't really make a massive deal of the day itself, but Josh can still dream that he might receive a men's Tag Heuer watch or one of the IWC Chronograph watches... he might have to give up hope after a couple of years though! He's much more likely to receive some kind of fun gift like the mugs, adventure package or place mats above, which are just slightly more purse friendly than the £1k - £4k price tags attached to the watches! I really do like the placemats and if I currently had my own home then I'd definitely buy them to go with our lego brick salt & pepper shakers on the dining table! :)

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Are you buying any special gifts for your Valentine? x   

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  1. Ahh travelling looks like so much fun! I had a very mellow Valentines Day but I hope you had a great one!