Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lifestyle: today we leave for Thailand

Travelling in Thailand

So today is the day.. Josh and I are flying out from Birmingham airport at 8.30pm for 8 weeks travelling around Thailand! Despite moving out to Switzerland and France for a while (read about that here), this seems like a much bigger adventure. Probably because I've never been to that part of the world before, never been anywhere that far away before and I don't know any of the language - but I'm so excited to experience the country and culture.

We've got a 6 hour 45 minute flight to Dubai, where we have a couple of hours wait, then another 6 hours flight before we arrive in Bangkok airport. I am the worst possible person to sit next to on a flight, I absolutely hate everything about flying, so I feel pretty sorry for whoever ends up next to me! This will be the longest flight I have ever been on, so I hope it all goes smoothly, I'm actually really glad we have the change at Dubai in the middle haha it'll give me a chance to calm down!

Once we're in Bangkok we've got a hotel pre-booked for the first couple of nights, after that we're just planning on winging it and moving around when we feel like it. I've been reading my trusty Lonely Planet guide book above, to scope out the most interesting attractions across the country. I'm really excited to see temples, Buddha's, monks, elephants (only visiting sanctuaries that look after the ill/old elephants), visit the beautiful islands, go snorkelling, shop at the night markets and water markets and towards the end of our trip, experience Thai New Year. One of our friends is currently travelling in the countries around Thailand at the moment, so we're going to be meeting up with her in April to celebrate Thai New Year and relax on the islands for our final weeks!

My blog is going to be quite quiet on the fashion and beauty front while I'm away, however I might try and do a couple of travel updates, would that be something you'd be interested in seeing?

Also if anyone has been to Thailand and has any recommendations of places to go or things to see then please please leave them in a comment below, I would love to hear them and I'll be able to pick them up on my phone while I'm there! :)    

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Purse Friendly Wishlist from George at Asda

George Asda Fashion Clothing Wishlist
All George at Asda. 

I've been saving and trying to conserve money for mine and Josh's travels for a while now, however the thought of travelling has not managed to suppress my constant crave for shopping! It's so bad, I have wanted to shop more than ever recently - spotting loads of items I'm lusting after, at the time when I need to save money the most! 

I've never really thought to have a look at supermarket clothing lines when it comes to fashion, I don't know why, I am instantly regretting that now! Some of the pieces currently on the George at Asda website are so on trend and so reasonably priced. I love the cross hatch jumper and skirt set, I think as a set it would be great for office work but both pieces would work well on their own too. The shift dress with sheer panels reminds me of a Little Mistress dress some bloggers were sporting a while ago, however the price tag for this George dress is a good £30 cheaper!

I'm definitely going to be checking out George for future shopping sprees, my money's going to go a lot further there! Have you bought from supermarket clothing lines before? What do you think of George?

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Monday, 24 February 2014

Eye of Horus: Jewel Amethyst Goddess Pencil

eye of horus cosmetics
eye of horus eyeliner
purple eyeliner
purple amethyst
purple eyemakeup look
Eye of Horus Goddess Eye Pencil – Jewel Amethyst*

Eye of Horus were a new brand to me, when a press release for their new shades of eye pencils dropped into my inbox. However since discovering the brand and finding out more, I've been intrigued by their branding, inspiration and message. The brand base their products on ancient Egyptian makeup formulas and ingredients, even using Moringa Oil in their makeup which is claimed by the Egyptian Gods to have beautifying and regenerating qualities. 

I love the luxe look of the black and gold packaging, combined with the brand slogan 'Awaken the Goddess within', it makes for a very glamorous product. The eye pencil is double ended, with the pencil on one end and a blending sponge tip on the other. The eye pencil itself is a deep purple shade with purple and gold micro glitter, which when applied straight to the eye is so pigmented and vibrant, however the colour can be made more subtle by blending with the sponge. Eye of Horus suggest you can either use this as a vibrant eyeliner or blended to create a more wearable purple eyeshadow. 

The oils included in the formula of this eyeliner ensure that it's super creamy when applying, however when applied over an eyeshadow and slightly blended with the sponge tip it becomes more muted and almost matte as you can see in the image. The fine glitter flecks still shine through beautifully when caught in the light.    

This is a lovely eyeliner to add a bit of colour to my, usually nude, eye makeup and I will definitely be checking out the other colours in the range. I've got my eye on the Emerald green pencil already!

Have you tried any Eye of Horus makeup? What's your go-to eyeliner shade? Would you try something more vibrant?

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Afternoon tea at Catwalk Cafe: Our 3rd Anniversary

afternoon tea imagesafternoon tea
vintage tea party
tea and scones
vintage teacups
vintage tea in knowle solihull
tea shop knowle

Today is mine and Josh's 3rd anniversary of being a couple, yay! To mark the occasion we decided to pop to a local-ish town to try out a vintage style cafe that had previously been recommended to us.

We booked a table a couple of days ago, then headed to The Catwalk Cafe for lunchtime today. We were met at the door by a waitress dressed in a traditional, almost victorian style, waitress outfit and we were shown to our little table. The walls of the cafe are covered in vintage artwork, alongside chalkboards showing today's specials plus upcoming events at the cafe. One of the upcoming events included a Mother's Day tea complete with 1940's musicians and singers! It would be so lovely to be enjoying your afternoon tea while listening to a vintage band too.

There was so much food; sandwiches (a plate of extra veggie choices for Josh too), cakes and scones plus unlimited tea for the whole time we were in the cafe. Once we'd filled up on food we had a look round the rest of the cafe, where there were loads of cute vintage inspired goodies for sale. There was a lot of jewellery, handbags, shoes and even Lily Lolo makeup. Attached to the inside of the cafe is also a bespoke corset and wedding dress company, which I had a quick peek at. The dresses are so unique and beautiful, definitely something to make an impact at a special event. 

We both had a lovely day out today, it was a nice but cheap way to celebrate our anniversary :) we're trying to conserve our money for some exciting adventures in Thailand - only 4 days to wait! How do you celebrate anniversaries, Valentine's Day or any other special occasions?         

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Men:

So Valentine's Day is tomorrow, luckily Josh and I aren't doing presents this year due to being in the middle of travelling and a bit all over the place, because I am particularly unprepared! Usually we set a budget that we're both going to stick to for presents, depending on what else we've got going on at the time.

Mine and Josh's anniversary is only a week after Valentine's Day so often we don't really make a massive deal of the day itself, but Josh can still dream that he might receive a men's Tag Heuer watch or one of the IWC Chronograph watches... he might have to give up hope after a couple of years though! He's much more likely to receive some kind of fun gift like the mugs, adventure package or place mats above, which are just slightly more purse friendly than the £1k - £4k price tags attached to the watches! I really do like the placemats and if I currently had my own home then I'd definitely buy them to go with our lego brick salt & pepper shakers on the dining table! :)

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Are you buying any special gifts for your Valentine? x   

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