Friday, 17 January 2014

Hi-Tec St Anton snow boots - after 1 month of wear

So you may remember seeing a post about my initial thoughts on the Hi-Tec St. Anton 200 waterproof snow boots, well since I've been out in The Alps I've had more time to test these out and they have definitely come in very handy!

My initial thoughts on the boots were correct, these boots are sturdy enough to put up with ice, snow and even the slippy floors of apres bars! The soles are great and will grip anything. They're also incredibly warm which is essential. I stupidly went out to a street party on New Year's Eve in a pair of Vans trainers, I genuinely thought I'd got frostbite in a couple of toes! I would really recommend investing in a good pair of boots like these for a trip out to a ski resort, both for daytime wear and evening. It might seem odd if you haven't been to a ski resort bar before, but you don't really look out of place wearing something like this, everyone is either still wearing their ski clothes and boots, or snow boots like this! I really like the fur on these boots, it makes them a little less like wearing hiking boots to a bar!   

Overall I really would recommend these boots to anyone looking to buy, they really do stand up to the cold, icy and snowy conditions of a ski resort! They've been worn almost every day since I've been out and there's a few small marks which is to be expected (I'm almost certain these would wipe off too), but other than that there's very little wear and tear.

Have you been out to a ski resort? What footwear did you choose? x 

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