Sunday, 19 January 2014

2013 in outfits...

I realise how late this post is, but I made the image (badly... and somehow ended up with blurred images?!) about a month ago now in preparation for the new year. Time has flown by since then and I haven't ended up posting it yet oops!

To see the full outfit posts click on the month below:

My outfits aren't really the same anymore, I've mainly been wearing my boarding outfit in the daytimes then casual jeans and tops if I'm out in the evening. You may or may not have seen mine and Josh's travel blog but there's been a bit of a change, we're no longer living and working in Switzerland but we've moved over to Meribel in France :) you can read the full reasons etc here if you like! 

Which is your favourite outfit from 2013? x


  1. That tie-dye dress is my fave - I still love it! I hope you guys are having fun, my fashion certainly changed when I travelled too ha.

    Tara xo

  2. So many fabulous looks! I loved to see the year summed up in this post! Your colorful skater dress is gorgeous!