Sunday, 24 November 2013

Barry M Royal Collection - Countess

I haven't swatched any nail varnish for ages and probably wouldn't usually dedicate a whole post to one single polish. However, this Barry M nail varnish deserves it.

This shade is 'Countess' from the current 'Royal Collection' of textured/glitter nail varnishes. It's the perfect purple shade with highlights of gold and lowlights of deep purple and browns. Purple is the most common shade in my nail varnish collection, so I really don't need any more, but I just couldn't resist picking this up! The swatches on my nails are awful in these pictures, but hopefully you can see some of the colours coming through from the bottle. 

The application of this polish is amazingly smooth and easy to keep neat, sometimes I find glitter is hard to keep neat around the edges, but this is no problem. The glitter pieces in the polish are very fine, almost halfway between a shimmer and a glitter. One coat was so very close to being opaque, but two coats really gives the full effect of the polish. A topcoat really improved the shine of this polish and showed the true variety of tones too. Surprisingly, it wasn't even that hard to remove either! I usually avoid glitter (because I'm lazy), but this came off without too much trouble. 

Have you tried any of the Barry M Royal Collection? What do you think? 

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Polka dot unicorn

Dress: Motel (only £20!) // Boots: Topshop (old) // Gemma Correll iPhone case: Iconemesis*

I think something happened to the settings on my camera when these were taken because I'm looking even paler than normal, to the point where it looks like I'm not wearing makeup either! 

My family had an early Christmas day this weekend, as we're not going to be together for the real thing. My parents, brother, nan, aunties and uncle, cousins and even my cousin's Old English Sheepdog, Humphrey came round for a massive lunchtime buffet, compete with full turkey and joint of ham. My mom loves to go all out on a buffet haha. I wore this Motel Rocks dress for the day, it's so good to wear for a big foodie day as it's so loose fitting! I love the dropped waist, it's a bit different to the usual skater style dresses I wear. It's only £20 on the Motel website at the moment too, down from £38! It was lovely to catch up with family, I won't see some of them now until May 2014! We're doing the same with Josh's family this weekend, then the weekend after that we leave, eek!

I was very kindly sent this cute Gemma Correll unicorn phone case* from Iconemesis this week, I debated choosing one of their beautiful designs that are slightly more elegant and grown up but then I was like naaah I'm getting a unicorn. I've never really been one for understated phone cases, I previously had a massive rubber hello kitty case, so this suits me down to the ground :) It's such a cute design and will be great to protect my phone while I'm out on the slopes!

Have your family started thinking about celebrating Christmas yet? What's on your phone at the moment?

Monday, 11 November 2013

Dogtooth check

Cami: Oh My Love // Leggings: Fashion Union // Boots: Barratts // Beanie: Topshop (old)

This might be one of my last few outfit photos that doesn't involve snow... but then again we have still got a couple of weeks to go so I might have time to squeeze a few more in! 

I love these Fashion Union leggings, they're the perfect print, quality and style. You can't see because of my top but they're actually quite high waisted and sit just above the top of my hips which makes them such a flattering shape! They also have cute little leather pocket details, which again you can't see because of my top, oops. I wore this down to Southampton this weekend, for a birthday meal and fireworks display on the docks - but I added a cardi, coat and massive scarf too. 

I have now officially finished work! It's all very exciting and I'm going to enjoy the lie-ins but it's kind of sad at the same time. Definitely going to miss everyone I worked with there, but we'll stay in touch I'm sure :) we're all always on either Twitter, blogs, Instagram or Whatsapp so there's no escaping each other! I had a lovely card, lunch and gifts from everyone, so it was a really nice few days to end my time there. I'm going to miss chatting with so many bloggers and brands at work too, met so many lovely people even if it was just mostly through email! It's the end of a big chapter of my life, but I'm really excited to move on and see some other parts of the world.

Josh and I are really starting to pack up now, we're moving some of our belongings into storage for the time we're away, so everything's getting boxed up! We have a last few things to buy for family Christmas presents and stuff to take with us, so tomorrow we're off on a big shopping mission. Then fake Jones Christmas is on the 16th, fake Kinnersley Christmas is on the 23rd then the following weekend we fly - eek!

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