Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hi-Tec St Anton snow boots - initial thoughts

You might not know, but I love snowboarding. I try and go out to a resort on holiday almost every year, I'd definitely say it's my favourite type of holiday. Yes, I do love going somewhere warm and drinking cocktails by the beach, but I absolutely love flying down a mountain on a board and ending up in a bar at the bottom of the slope. 

When I was given the chance to review these Hi-Tec boots, I knew that I'd definitely be able to put them to the test fully. I'm already dreaming of snow, now that we're getting closer to the cold season, so I can't wait to try these out properly! For now, I'm just going to run through my initial impressions and thoughts.

The boots feel exceptionally sturdy, yet they're still light-weight which is great for plodding through the snow. The soles feel like they'll provide amazing grip on snow and ice, with loads of ridges and bumps for traction. The laces across the top of the foot and the ankle really pull the boot in too, which is good for people with shallow feet like me, your foot is kept completely secure inside the boot. The inside sole of the boot is really cushioned and lined with soft material, my feet will definitely be kept toasty warm with that! For snow boots, these are also really good looking boots. They might look out of place in some of the normal outfits I post on here, but with my snow jacket and warm jeans they'll really look the part. I love the look of the fur up the front of the boots, it gives them a definite winter fashion feel!

Overall, I think these boots are going to really stand up to use in a ski resort and I can't wait to test them out properly. Another post will be coming up, once I've had chance to test these in the snow :)

Have you ever tried skiing or snowboarding? Are you starting to think about winter wear yet? x 

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