Thursday, 5 September 2013

Night in or night out?

September is here and in my mind, that means summer's over. I think it's just down to a large portion of my life so far being spent in education, when September equals the sad end of the summer holidays, despite having finished uni over a year ago now! Anyway winter will soon be on the way and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm looking forward to some nights tucked up on the sofa with the duvet, good friends and a film!

I love a good night out, but what I don't like is being cold, rained on and miserable before even getting to a club! Ladbrokes have found that an average of 70% of UK women prefer a girl's night in to a big night out and sometimes I can totally agree with that. About 60% of the ladies taking part in the survey agreed with me about being caught in the rain on the way to a club too! It definitely puts a dampener on your night ;) ha, sorry. 

How you do feel about winter nights out? Would you rather be on your sofa, watching a film with the girls? And how cute are those bunny PJs?! x    

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*Collaborative post with Ladbrokes


  1. Those boots look so nice and cozy :)

  2. Always a night in, but I am lame. Those Bunny PJS are adorable! Seriously so sweet! Maybe it is time to invest in nice PJ's and not just an old washed out tshirt. Lovely picks!

    Em x

  3. I have to admit, I much prefer a night in. Clubs in the winter when you leave.. actually don't think I can cope with the cold haha! In the summer its bearable because at 3am its still about 8 degrees! xx

  4. During the winter, definitely prefer a night in! Like you said, your night is ruined before you even get out if it's raining or even snowing! x

  5. Use to love nights out as a student but in the past couple of years i've totally mellowed into being a stay at home lass. I have no idea how we use to go out around Newcastle in the winter without a coat.

  6. Give me a night in any day, especially in those cat socks haha!
    Love your blog, it's so pretty :) xx

  7. Ahhh love everything! The cat socks are so cute and love the PJ Set! xo

  8. Boots <3 they are toooo cute!



  9. Since leaving uni, I defo prefer nights in. Probably because I live in the middle of nowhere where the nearest club is 20 miles away. Regardless, I love a good TV show, sofa and facemask, especially when the weather outside is horrible.