Sunday, 29 September 2013

Oh My Leopard

Leopard top: Oh My Love // Bandeau: H&M // Jeans: Topshop // Shoes: Primark

Oh god I haven't looked at these photos in a while, I really look as rough as I felt that day ha! Ignoring the deathly pale, uninterested face, this is the outfit I wore to the Cheltenham blogger meet up a couple of weeks ago.

You can see one of my bird tattoos, Bert, poking out the back too - I have a couple and he's my favourite :) I'm not sure if I've actually shown them on here before! The weather's been so temperamental the past couple of weeks, this day was pretty warm and sunny, then it went cold again but now it's back sunny again! I just don't know what kind of outfit to put on in the morning, you never know how the day's going to turn out.

I've had a weird few weeks really, hence the lack of posts. Josh has been away DJing at freshers events across the country - if you went to some kind of headphone/silent disco at your uni then it was most likely him DJing. While I'm missing him, I usually get lots of blogging done, however I've been busy and out and about so not much has happened really. I did join a gym while he's been away, I've only been once so far but that's a good start ha.

This has turned into a big of a jumbled update really, sometimes I feel like there's so much going on in life it's hard to decide what to share on here and what not to. What have you been up to the last couple of weeks? x

I have also listed loads of Topshop, Glamorous, Republic and Primark items on ebay! Take a look here, all 99p start prices! :)

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Monday, 16 September 2013

Cheltenham blogger meet at The Curious Cafe

Blogger meet, cheltenham bloggers,
Prairie Charms, UK fashion Blog
Blogger meet gift, South West Blogger

Last weekend, I met up with some lovely local bloggers at the Cheltenham Blogger Meet - organised by Alex from Bambella. We met up at The Curious Cafe, one of my favourite places to meet for a cup of tea or brunch in Cheltenham. It's a small cafe inside, however out the back there is a beautiful garden with loads of climbing plants and vines covering trellises - we were lucky enough to just catch the end of the summer weather, so we were able to sit outside for our meet.

I was suffering with a massive cold (it was pretty much man-flu), so unfortunately I only stayed for a quick cup of lemon and ginger tea and a bite to eat, then left the other girls to wonder round the massive array of charity shops around the cafe, while I headed home. Prairie Charms provided a little gift for each blogger at the meet, I received this really cute plaited material bracelet plus a super sparkly bow. 

I had a really fun lunch out, despite feeling really rough and it was great to meet some bloggers from the local area. Make sure you check out their blogs below :)
Roxanne - Lolly Lou

Do you know many bloggers from your local area? x

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Hey, Keds!

Shirt: Atticus // Leggings: Missguided // Trainers: Keds (available in Schuh stores)*

I'm usually a Vans girl, but to be honest I can't really resist any kind of trainers! These Keds are so comfy and easy to slip on with a pair of jeans, leggings or even a cute little dress. Sometimes I do feel a bit like Lily Allen, what with my habit of wearing trainers with anything and everything. I also recently bought these leather-look panel leggings, I used to have a similar pair from H&M but I tumble-dried them and they melted together, oops. So I was very glad to see this pair at a bargain price on Missguided! 

Believe it or not, but this is an Atticus shirt. I wouldn't have normally thought to turn to Atticus for women's clothes as I remember it being loads of guy's band t-shirts (which my slightly emo, 15 year old, self loved), but they've just launched a new website and it looks like they're going to be branching out into more on-trend womenswear in the near future! I love the way even the shirt buttons have the trademark Atticus bird printed on them, the little details of this shirt are awesome! I teamed it with an under the collar spike necklace - I feel shirt collars and statement necklaces just go together so well.

I have been ill and busy so far this week, hence the lack of posts recently! I came down with a stinking cold last Thursday and it took until Monday for it to start to disappear (there's still the slight remains of it left though, gross), then Monday and Tuesday nights I had dinner out with friends - we went to Yo Sushi yesterday, a new one has opened in our town so it obviously needed testing and it was pretty good to say the least! :)

What have you been up to this week? Are you a trainer-kinda-girl and how do you style shirts? x

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Night in or night out?

September is here and in my mind, that means summer's over. I think it's just down to a large portion of my life so far being spent in education, when September equals the sad end of the summer holidays, despite having finished uni over a year ago now! Anyway winter will soon be on the way and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm looking forward to some nights tucked up on the sofa with the duvet, good friends and a film!

I love a good night out, but what I don't like is being cold, rained on and miserable before even getting to a club! Ladbrokes have found that an average of 70% of UK women prefer a girl's night in to a big night out and sometimes I can totally agree with that. About 60% of the ladies taking part in the survey agreed with me about being caught in the rain on the way to a club too! It definitely puts a dampener on your night ;) ha, sorry. 

How you do feel about winter nights out? Would you rather be on your sofa, watching a film with the girls? And how cute are those bunny PJs?! x    

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*Collaborative post with Ladbrokes