Thursday, 22 August 2013

Summer to Autumn...

We've had our little heatwave for this year it seems, so I'm starting to think about making the transition from bare-legged summer outfits to slightly warmer options, but without having to cover up completely.

Leggings are one of my frequent go-to items, they're so so easy to wear with anything and so comfy! Sometimes I can barely bring myself to wear jeans or trousers once I've been wearing leggings for a while haha. I love these leather panelled leggings from Bon Prix, the leather gives a grungy feel to an otherwise plain, comfy item of clothing and the wedge boots add to that look even further. I wanted to pair the navy tunic with some bright accessories, so picked this neon satchel and necklace to make the outfit pop. I don't think orange and navy is a traditional colour combination, but I like it and think they compliment each other quite well!

What's your staple piece to make the summer - autumn transition? x

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  1. Gosh, wish I had the confidence to pull off a bright orange satchel! Great outfit idea though :) x

  2. Oh wow, I love those boots! I need to invest in leggings, they're the ultimate transitional piece. <3

    Tara xo

  3. Love that bag! I love satchel style bags, I swear I own about twenty of them! And it's a perfect colour for autumn x

  4. I could do with the leggings and satchel.