Sunday, 25 August 2013

Raining (cats &) dogs

Clear mac: Miss Luxe* // Vest: Primark // Leigh jeans: Topshop // Wellies: Primark (last year)

As I'm at Creamfields this weekend, I thought it was only fitting that I showed you this amazing mac from Miss Luxe. It's made from a clear plastic, covered in a tiny dog print. I'm no dog expert but I think it might even be a French Bulldog?! Anyway, the forecast says there's meant to be rain (hopefully not too much) so this mac will be coming in pretty handy I think!

I think it looks best over simple outfits, so I've packed some vests, shorts and plain dresses for this to go over the top of. Because it's made from plastic I imagine it's going to be pretty warm and sweaty inside, perfect for in a dance music tent ha... mmmm.

I love my wellies, too. I bought them from Primark last year believe it or not... they haven't even leaked yet either! You can't see from these pictures (maybe due to the residual mud from my last few festivals) but they're leopard print with multicoloured glitter throughout the plastic coating - classy or what!?

Is anyone else at Creamfields this weekend? I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend! :) x

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  1. That mac is so sweet, I love it!


  2. Oh how I love Brat & Suzie and this coat! So freakin cute. Hope you had an amazing time. <3

    Tara xo

  3. Love that rain mac! x

  4. Ahh such an adorable mac, will be ideal for the autumn showers

    Ruth x

  5. Okay! How bloody amazing is this waterproof, I just screamed a little. You look awesome xx

  6. I love this, I must have this!!!

  7. This rain jacket is SO cute!!

    Xo, Hannah

  8. oh wow that is the cutest raincoat ever!!