Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Pure London - August 2013

About this time last week, I headed off to Pure - a fashion buying event hosted at Olympia, London. It was the first time I've been to Pure and it was a really fun few days!

The event is intended for retailers to browse through brand's collections and bulk buy stock to sell on their sites/in their stores. It's really fun to just wander round and browse the collections, with no intention of buying stock though! It's good to see the prominent trends for the upcoming seasons. I spotted loads of gorgeous prints, including an amazing bicycle print dress from Sugar Hill Boutique that really took my eye. I'm definitely keeping an eye on their site for when that comes online!

There are catwalks from some of the brands on throughout the show. I love the 'Spirit Catwalk' which showcases the young fashion brands from the event - young meaning 20-somethings. Some of my favourite collections were from Chi Chi (first image) and the gorgeous nude occassion dresses from Forever Unique (second image). 

I was also asked to speak about the benefits of brands working with bloggers, between myself, Kim from Sweet Monday and my colleague Kate, we spoke for 30 minutes about the dos and don'ts of working with bloggers! It was pretty nervewracking but an amazing opportunity all the same. My speaker page is still on the site here (well, it was when I scheduled this!), check me out haha.

I think Pure is a great place for bloggers to network and meet the faces behind brands! I would definitely recommend popping along for a day next season, if you're near! Have you been to Pure before? x

P.s. this is a scheduled post - I'm currently away on holiday, yay! I will be back on Sunday 18th August and replying to emails, tweets etc again :)

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  1. Is it sad that I just got a little excited at seeing a blog post on Pure as the company I'm currently temporarily working for published the event guide for it? hahaha. Unfortunately I didn't get to go myself but the girls who did go had a great time and looks like you did too (: xx

  2. It was so good to see you at Pure! I wish I could've watched your presentation. I had so much fun this time, I can't wait for next year's! ;)

    Tara xo