Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Nica snakeskin Satchel

I recently received this gorgeous Nica satchel from Bagable. This is a really perfect satchel, made from soft faux leather with a snakeskin look top and punched detail straps to secure. It's a great size for everyday use - I can easily fit my massive purse, keys and phone inside plus other essentials like a compact umbrella, small makeup bag and even my DSLR camera! It's like a Mary Poppins bag, looks small from the outside but it holds a whole host of goodies. Despite being made from a soft, faux leather material, I still feel like the bag is structured enough to protect the things it's carrying.

The Bagable website stocks loads more brands, such as Fiorelli, Eastpak, Dakine and Kipling among others. They don't only stock gorgeous handbags and satchels, but also more practical bags like backpacks and suitcases too.

The photos above were taken at The Vintage Set Festival last week, where I wore my Lashes of London dress. A full post on the event will be coming soon! :)

Have you checked out Bagable? What do you think of satchels? x

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Baker Days

It was recently my mom's birthday, I saw her the weekend before her birthday, but due to living in different counties I wasn't able to see her or give her her present on her actual birthday. When Baker Days approached me and asked if I would like to receive one of their letterbox cakes to review, I thought it would be nice to get it sent to my mom instead! :)

The Baker Days letterbox cakes can be completely customised by you, I chose to send a pre-designed cake from their vast selection but customised the wording. However, you can upload your own image and create a completely personalised cake - image and all! It arrives in a plain white box that can fit through your letterbox, no need to worry if your recipient will be home, containing an embossed tin with the cake, candles, balloon, party whistle and a little card! My mom was really pleased when she received it, she had no idea it would be arriving so it was a nice surprise! She said the cake is beautifully designed and printed and the extra birthday gifts were a nice little addition - she'll be keeping the embossed tin as a keepsake. I ordered a fruit cake for my mom, she said it tasted lovely too! She took it on a picnic at the weekend :)

Overall I think both my mom and I were really impressed with Baker Days' service. It's a great idea if you want to send someone a little surprise on their birthday!

Have you considered sending a letterbox cake instead of a card before? x

P.s. I also created a facebook page for my blog this week, it's looking pretty lonely at the moment so I'd love it if you could give it a like :) x

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Jones + Jones blogger event

It was all Jones the other week as I, Emily Jones, went to the Jones + Jones blogger event hosted at their cute Spitalfields boutique.

Kim and I were invited to their lovely little shop to have a look around at their clothing, meet the designers and team, eat some scones and drink some champagne! The scone display was the cutest little hamper, with loads of jam and cream for the sweet ones and cream cheese and chilli jam for the savoury. They were kindly provided by Grace and Liam from All'Scone, who describe themselves as Sconoisseurs and rightly so. Kim and I chose the raspberry and almond scones on the very far left of the image, with jam and cream, and took them with us for our two hour coach trip home.

The Jones + Jones dresses at the event were all beautiful, my personal favourites were the black and cream Suzi dresses with the bows and the Liberty print Natalie dress which I was lucky enough to take home. The print reminds me of the beautiful colours of a rainforest or jungle, I'm going to be wearing it to a wedding I'm going to in the next couple of weeks so I will be doing a full outfit post on that soon :)

The Jones + Jones staff at the event were all so lovely, it was really interesting to chat to each individual person to find out what their role involved. I always think it's great to meet the designers behind the brand and chat to them about the pieces too. A massive thank you to the Jones + Jones team for inviting me along to the event, I had a really lovely time and I'm so pleased with the beautiful dress! :)

Have you tried any Jones + Jones pieces before? x

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Acid smock

I recently attended the Jones + Jones blogger event in London (post to follow) and wanted to share the outfit I wore! It's only a simple smock dress with boots and a long necklace, but I really like the look. I don't care that it's hot and sunny, I wear ankle boots all year round haha!

Kim and I found this cool little spot to take some photos before the event, we thought it looked like the place Effy sits outside her office and smokes in the new Skins. I don't think it is, but it really looked like it! I'm not sure I should be advertising that I watched the new Skins, at 22 years old... has anyone else been watching it?

When this post goes live, I will be coming towards the end of (what I hope will be) an amazing weekend. I'm going to Truck Festival in Oxford, which is a small little festival but I went last year and it's awesome. There's not anyone I'm really dying to see on the line up, but that was the same as last year and I ended up discovering so many amazing new bands and artists I hadn't heard of before. Some of them are still firm favourites now!

What are you up to this weekend? Remember to wear lots of suncream! ;) x

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hello great hair...

Sleep In Rollers are well known for their namesake, the foamy rollers that make it more comfortable to sleep in. However, they also stock loads of other hair products and accessories including the two brushes above. 

The paddle brush is great to tame my hair when curly, I give my hair a quick brush with a tangle teezer style brush to get rid of the majority of the knots, then run this giant paddle brush through after. This brush would be great for anyone with long or really thick hair, it makes brushing your hair so easy and really speeds up the process too! The backcombing brush is another great product. I quite often give my hair a little boost at the roots with a bit of backcombing, however I have only previously used a normal comb to do this. The thick, densely packed bristles of this brush really create volume at the roots and it stays too. It's also great to run over the top of the hair after backcombing, to make sure that the top layer is silky and smooth. As it does such a good job of backcombing, it does take a little more time to brush out than when using a normal comb, but this is easily solved with a tangle teezer and the paddle brush!

Have you tried any of the Sleep In Rollers products or accessories? x

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Sunday, 14 July 2013


This gorgeous lace cream dress is designed by Sugarhill and sold at Scarlett Fashion. It's the perfect basic shift shape, with a subtle lace print and a pastel blue zip running all the way up the back. I've been adding belts to everything at the moment, so this outfit is no different. I felt like the brown matches the cream lace well but I also really want to get a pastel belt to compliment the blue zip up the back and try that out! Scarlett Fashion stock loads more brands than just Sugarhill, including Glamorous, Little Mistress, Miss Patina and Yumi. 

Apologies for the slightly quiet blog over the last week, I'm sure loads of you are in a similar situation, but the lovely weather has meant that I haven't felt like spending my lunch breaks and evenings inside writing blog posts! I love being able to spend so much time outside and not have to think about which jacket goes with an outfit! Let's hope the nice weather stays for next weekend, as on Friday I'm off to Truck Festival in Oxfordshire!

What have you been up to in the sunshine? x 

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lady Rainicorn

There's a few more pictures in this post than I would normally include, do you prefer less or more photos in a post? I wanted to show off the dress as much I could in this post, hence slightly more photos!

This beautiful unicorn dress is from Lashes of London and I absolutely love it. From the front, the shape of the dress is relatively simple with the addition of the unusual unicorn print, however the back features a lovely cut out section with a gold metal heart. The neon trim around the collar and arms is a nod towards the neon accent trend that's around at the moment. The whole neon trend isn't really my kind of thing, so these small neon accents are perfect for me!

I wore this dress out on Sunday. My brother and his girlfriend were visiting from Birmingham, so we went and sat in the park in the sunshine and drank milkshakes in the sun. Shakes2go is way to close to my house and work, so I've been far too many times recently! We even called them and asked if they'd deliver to our office the other week haha, unfortunately they were too busy and said no :( Anyway, back to Sunday - after sitting in the park and soaking up the sun, we headed home and cooked massive burgers with loads of cheese and watched Andy Murray in the Wimbledon final. I'm so happy he finally won, I think he really deserves it. I come from a tennis mad family, not many people in the blogging world know this but I used to play a lot and to quite a good standard, but then University stopped all that, like it did to many things!

What do you think of the unicorn print? Did you watch the Wimbledon final? x

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Anti-summer nails

Who says that nails have to be pretty and pastel just because it's summer?! I decided to go for the 'anti-summer' design recently and opted for a glossy black base with glitter burgundy tips. It's kind of Christmassy, I know.

I used Barry M black, Deborah Lippmann 'Razzle Dazzle' glitter and a clear Barry M top coat. I thought about using tape over the rest of my nail to get a really defined line, however every time I've tried that recently it's pulled the nail varnish underneath off completely! I think I need to be more patient and wait until it's completely dry.

I've been getting a lot of nail inspiration from Pinterest recently (see my nail board here), there's so many amazing designs that I want to try. Especially these nude nails with mint green tips, jagged edged nails (I attempted this and failed) and a matte glitter effect.

I don't actually own a clear matte polish, or a good nude shade! Can you recommend any? x

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Monday, 1 July 2013

What's happening #1...

1: A parcel arrived for Josh from Bad Giraffe (an awesome clothing company you should check out) // 2: An outfit I wore for work this week // 3. Kim & I ran out of things to Instagram for work so made this little guy // 4. I'm selling this Dahlia dress for £15 here // 5. I got drunk on a school night and joined the drunk selfie club // 6. These mugs came into work for a competition and they spell my name :) // 7. Salted caramel Laduree macaron all the way from Paris // 8. Treated myself to a mocha cookie crumble from Starbucks in the sun.

I didn't used to like these posts, but I've grown to really enjoy reading them on other blogs over the past few months. I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to lead my blog away from always 'reviewing' a product, whether that's beauty or fashion, and make it a little bit more personal. I thought these style of posts would be a good way to do that :) They're not going to be every week, as I don't have enough 'blog worthy' stuff happen throughout the week haha so they might be once a month or so, just for a bit of a life update.

I think the captions and the pictures pretty much speak for themselves this week - but I can maybe reveal a little bit more about the drunken selfie night. Josh, myself and some friends went along to a local restaurant/pub in Cheltenham to see our friends play in their band called Thrill Collins. They're an amazing Skiffle-pop trio who cover the best songs in their own unique style, from the Fresh Prince theme tune to Peter Andre to Spice Girls to a massive hip-hop medley. I drank too much cider and danced too much, so getting through work on Friday was pretty tough - but it was a good night :) I need to do things like that more often, you only live once and all that!

What have you been up to recently?
How do you feel about posts like this? To be honest I'm really not sure how it's going to go down! x

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