Sunday, 16 June 2013

Graduation dresses: what to wear?!

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It's crazy to think that I finished University over a year ago now. The whole 3 years at Uni absolutely flew by, let alone the time I've been working since finishing!

I know lots of people are starting to think about graduation and what to wear, so I thought I'd share some styles that were popular with my class, in case anyone is wondering what type of dress to go for, or how smart you should be. My uni was weird and only held graduation in November, despite my course finishing uni in early May, so last year I featured another graduation wishlist here.

With graduation, you need to consider how your dress is going to look with your gown - find out what colour your gown will be in advance and make sure there's no clashing colours there! Graduation is a relatively smart occasion, but you can get away with wearing the slightly more casual skater style dresses. However, I would recommend going with a skater style made from a slightly heavier material, or with added embellishment or detailing to make it stand out for the occasion. 

Dresses similar to the skater style dresses above were popular at my graduation in November, as were the V-neck, wrap style dresses like number 7. However, this year I feel that midi-dresses like number 8 will be popular at graduations, the shape of the dress will work really well with the gown and they always look effortlessly glamorous and smart!

Have you got a graduation coming up? What will you be wearing? x

Ps. a couple of the dresses above are from Boohoo - they currently have free UK delivery on orders over £35 with the code FREE35 :) 


  1. I love that green one!
    I too have been finished for a year.. Sigh.. I want to be a student again (but not at the current prices lol)

    Ps: hello cotton doesnt exist anymore so you might want to remove the link to that

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  2. I love the top middle one, with the neon green like colour! I love how it's slightly different to the usual dresses chosen xx
    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

  3. I really like the lace ones but the last one is something a little different x

    Zoe | Sweet Electric

  4. Number nine is such a lovely shape, and I love the print! Thank you for commenting on my blog :)

  5. It is a nice collection of women dresses. All dresses are nice but I like the green color with floral color most.