Sunday, 9 June 2013

Festival hair #1

I'm on a bit of a festival theme at the moment - apologies if you don't like this topic, but it's on my mind as I recently attended the first festival of this season yay!

Festivals can be a pretty tricky place to have nice hair, especially towards the end when you've slept in a tent for 2 nights without access to a shower or straighteners! I'm quite lucky that my hair doesn't really get greasy quickly, but I'm still never without a large can of Batiste at a festival.

My hair is naturally curly, so for festivals I tend to wash it before I go and leave it to dry naturally with some curl cream or salt spray. I take the salt spray product along with me and in the mornings refresh my curls with a bit of water and some more spray to give them some more bounce. Batiste is also essential for roots, along with grips for any stray fringes and, of course, some floral accessories to get in the festival mood!

What are your essential festival hair products? x


  1. Pretty headband. You're lucky your hair looks nice naturally too x

  2. Beautiful hair. I've never tried refreshing my curls with a bit if water but I have to try that :)

  3. Ooh I love your little head band, I love batiste dry shampoo :)

  4. This is gorgeous, unfortunately I'm not going to any x

  5. I'm also looking forward to the upcoming festivals! I agree with you on taking Batiste with me on such occasions, can't do without one!

    Verena xx

  6. You're so lucky that you have curly hair that doesn't get greasy! Mine is straight and grease-tastic after 2 days haha. Pray for me! ;)