Monday, 10 June 2013

Dream festival style

I know I'm on a massive festival blogging spree at the moment, but it's currently sunny while I'm writing this and I have lots of exciting festivals coming up so it's all I'm thinking about at the moment! I previously blogged about my festival hairstyle #1, and #2 will be coming up in the near future too, so I thought I'd post an outfit to match.

I absolutely love this kimono from Boohoo, it's only £15 which I think is an absolute bargain! Kimonos are so in fashion at the moment, but I don't feel like they're that wearable with the English weather, so it might be worth picking up a cheaper one in case I don't wear it much. Pairing this kimono with denim shorts and a plain black top is one of my favourite festivals looks. Adding a vintage inspired leather rucksack, a straw hat and some big sunglasses would finish the outfit off nicely.

UK festivals aren't always sunshine and warm weather, they're more often than not overcast and rainy (anyone who experienced creamfields last year will know what I mean). So baring this in mind, I will also be featuring a more practical festival outfit very soon, with more layers and probably some wellies too.

What have you previously worn to festivals? Or what's your your favourite 'festival fashion' piece? x  


  1. love everything" especially the kimono and bag :)

  2. I really want a kimono too. I'm running out of time to shop, I think Glasto will be here before I know it and I'm so unprepared...Wahhh!