Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Great Gatsby wishlist


1 // 2 // 3 // 4

I am very excited to be seeing The Great Gatsby this week, tomorrow actually! I love the era the film is set in, I've always had a fascination with the fashion and style from the '20s, so I'm really hoping I'm impressed.

I've noticed an increase of 1920's inspired fashion around at the moment, probably influenced by the release of this film, so decided to feature a quick wishlist on the trend. It's not exactly an extensive wishlist, as it's only four pieces and they're all from Miss Selfridge haha, great. I just got too over excited on their website and they seem to have got the trend pretty covered! I might create another more extensive wishlist or outfit inspiration after I've actually seen the film, so that might be more accurate :)

The beading and feather details featured above are standout themes from 1920's fashion, they're so delicate and add so much glamour to clothes! I really love the playsuit on the far right, but I think I'm too messy and would definitely spill something down that!

Have you seen The Great Gatsby? What do you think of 1920's style? x


  1. I absolutely love this style,
    I admire and idolize the 20's alot.
    number 4 is absolutely stunning,

    What a super great post

    Kelly ||

  2. I love the 1920's style and I'm absolutely loving all the bead detailings but i always wonder how to wash a garment with intricate embellishment! ha, it's such a grown up thing to think about! x

  3. Oh wow number 2 is gorgeous! I love the 1920's style too, so pretty :) x

  4. I have just got back from watching the film, it's really good :)
    I love the playsuit too! Shame it's so perfectly white though, my eating / drinking / laundry skills would soon sort that out! x

  5. I love the crop top, I think I'm going tomorrow to see it x

  6. That second dress is sooo gorgeous, I want! I watched it tonight and it was amazing. Don't trust anyone who says it's not. LOVED it.


  7. I want everything! So gorgeous, the 1st top is on my wish list!

    Jade x

  8. I love the 3rd outfit, so cute!!!