Wednesday, 1 May 2013


I don't have particularly dry hair, but I always tend to go for products that claim to hydrate and moisturise your hair - I just love the feeling of having amazingly soft silky hair. I do also tend to get those annoying flyaway hairs, so I find that moisturing products tend to have the weight to keep these down.

This John Frieda shampoo and conditioner is great for doing both things mentioned above. The shampoo is an amazing smelling, thick product which is really easy to work through the hair and bubble up. The consistency makes the shampoo feel really rich and luxurious, which is great for a high street product. The conditioner is equally as rich and really easy to smooth through your hair. 

After thoroughly rinsing and blow drying my hair, the results were instant. My hair felt soft, really smooth but still managable. Sometimes hydrating products can go too far and make my hair feel heavy and lank, but these are the perfect balance of moisture and light, healthy feeling hair. The results of the shampoo and conditioner lasted right up until my next wash too, my hair felt 'just washed' and silky smooth the next day too :)

Overall these are lovely products and I would recommend trying them as a great high street alternative to salon products. Have you tried any John Frieda products? What do you think to hydrating shampoo and conditioners? x

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