Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I wish I was a mermaid..

... So I could wear bras like this on their own, all day long and not get any funny looks.

I first spotted this brand on Sammy's blog and instantly fell in love. These bras are made by Luna Belle Attire who create custom bras and accessories. These are just too pretty to cover up, I wish I had the guts to wear one of these alone - they'd be great for festivals! 

Despite being custom and handmade, Luna Belle's prices are actually really reasonable. They're between £30 and £40 for your own unique piece of underwear which I think is a pretty good deal!

Would you be brave enough to wear one of these? How would you style it? x

I also have a blog sale on!


  1. Oh my goood, yes! You are right! They are SO beautiful... I wanna be a mermaid as well *__* 30 to 40 pounds sounds good, this is like a piece of art!

  2. These are amazing! Expensive though :/ x

  3. Love the look of these! Maybe someday.. :)


  4. Wow that is a very good deal for a custom bra!! Lots of Bra's cost that or more and they aren't as pretty!!

  5. I can't believe hoe reasonable they are. I've paid more for an ordinary bra from Ann summers!

  6. Eeeeep! I was almost convinced they'd cost 100s! Wowza, I'm so in love - that store is officially bookmarked.


  7. Oh my gosh. I'm in love with the last one! Must buy!

  8. very Victoria Secret! love the one with flowers on!

    am now following :)
    The Stylista and the Frog

  9. WOW! what beautiful pieces, seriously want the first one!!! love your blog, new follower :) x