Tuesday, 23 April 2013

bare shoulders

Jeans: vintage Wranglers (c/o my mom) // Cut out shoulder top: Daisy Street // Necklace: Vintage

I was feeling slightly 90s in this outfit at the weekend - crop top, high waisted jeans and a high pony - oh yes! My mom recently donated these jeans to me and I love them. She used to love them too and wear them all the time so they're not in the best condition, but they're okay for casual daytime wear. They're also too long for me at the moment so they're rolled up, but I'm going to attempt to properly turn them up soon.

I love how the cut out shoulders of this Daisy Street top can make a plain item much more interesting, perfect for showing off my year round freckly shoulders haha. This top could easily be worn with a cute skater skirt rather than jeans, I think that's how I'll next wear it :) It might just be long enough to tuck in too.  

What do you think of the 90s trend that seems to be around at the moment? What's your most 90s outfit? x


  1. You look lovely amigo! Can't beat a 90s outfit ;-) x

  2. Such a sweet and simple outfit


  3. I love this outfit! Definitely need one of those tops x

  4. I really love cut out shoulders on other people, wish I could pull them off! You look lovely :)

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  5. Im so late to the party with the cut out shoulder tops. I think I need some in my wardrobe!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  6. I love love love the 90's trend! On the lookout for some cold shoulder tops for my holiday so I'll have a look at Daisy Street :)



  7. Oh hai gorgeous Emily! I have a cut out body from Freak of Nature that I really need to wear but I don't own any high waisted denim - such a crime. I guess my Docs are pretty 90s? ;)


  8. Looking gorgeous Emily! :) Those jeans look fab on you and I love that necklace! I'm so happy that 90's fashion is coming back in to style- I'm such a 90's girl at heart!

    Frances xx


  9. I really like tops like this one, must add it to my wishlist. I have freckly shoulders too and I need to show them off haha! xx

  10. You look amazing, LOVE the cutout shoulder top, it's so unique, and those jeans look fab on you! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  11. You look great, I wish I could share clothes with my mum or have her hand me downs but she's half my size :(

  12. I'm so annoyed that your necklace is vintage, when I saw the picture I got really excited. I'm looking for something to go with an outfit for my holiday and it would have been perfect, gutted haha!

    Rant over, you look great! If I wore jeans like that, I'd end up looking really mumsy... Whereas they really suit you!