Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mother's Day Cross Stitch

I recently made these coasters for my Mom for Mother's Day, they went down really well and I'm glad I made that extra effort to make something for her! I've wanted to try cross stitch for a while, so when a friend saw these designs in a magazine I thought they'd be the perfect starter projects. 

They're probably not very technically correct if an experienced cross stitcher looked at them, but I'm really pleased with how they turned out :). The magazine suggested adding a wadding and a material back to turn the designs into coasters, but I thought that was a bit weird because surely you're just going to get tea rings all over them! Instead I bought some DIY photo coasters from ebay (like this) and added the cross stitch and a plain piece of paper at the back to cover the stitches. Hopefully this will make them last a lot longer and my mom will get more use out of them!

I love making things, so hopefully now I've been a bit more crafty recently, I'll keep it up and carry on! Have you ever tried cross stitch before? Have you made anything recently? x

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  1. aww these are really cute, such a nice idea :) you should keep it up! i love cross stitch and have done a few projects using it throughout my degrees. i'm still proud of these ones: http://www.carolinehenson.co.uk/index.php?/project/subversive-cross-stitch/ xx

  2. This is such a lovely idea! Definitely going to try these for part of my mum's birthday present, thank you for sharing! x


  3. N'aww Emmerliejay you are the bestest daughter ever. I want you to be my daughter so you can make me these! xx

    The Little's.

  4. i love these, they're so cute! i'm always so jealous of people that come up with actually good ideas for gifts for mothers day! your mum is lucky, i'd have loved these! x

  5. These are adorable! I haven't done any cross stitch for ages! x

  6. I think they turned out great! what a lovely idea.
    I'm only on starter cross-stitch projects too and can't imagine mine would be up to scratch if a pro looked at them! xx

  7. I love cross stitch and this is such a lovely idea, hope you're mum loved them! xx