Sunday, 3 March 2013


A couple of weekends ago, Josh, some of our friends and I went down to Ilfracombe in Devon for a little break. There was 8 of us in total and we rented a log cabin on a holiday park. It was such a fun, cheap weekend away and the cabin was lovely! (It had the best bubble bath ever, with proper bubble jets).

We spent the weekend down by the harbour - looking at the boats and crabbing (we didn't catch anything), we also played mini golf, drank lots of tea and cake in cute little tea shops and saw some amazing sunsets. (I think the bottom left picture looks like a desert, but it's actually the sunset over the Devon fields!). 

We were really lucky with the weather while we were away, it was a bit chilly down by the sea because of the wind, but we had a dry sunny weekend which was amazing! 

I love getting away and seeing different towns for the weekend, next town on my list is Brighton! I've never been and I've heard great things so that's my next adventure :) 
Where's your favourite UK destination for a short break? x


  1. love the jacket! :D and the cakes looks so yummiee...

  2. I love Brighton, Liverpool is my favourite short break spot but i really want to visit devon and cornwall too x

  3. I love Ilfracoombe or anywhere in that part of Devon really! x

  4. This all looks amazing! The afternoon tea is making me starving! Very civilised though, I always feel so classy doing afternoon tea!

    Crabs are so hard to catch, you get them on the fishing rod and they just jump off, taunting you. I do not have the patience for fishing.

    I hope you had a nice time, it certainly looks like you did :)

    E x

  5. Awww, Emily you looks adorablz in the camo! I love little UK breaks, the boyf and I always head to Cardiff. I've never been to Brighton but I've been to Bolivia. Bahahaha! ;)

  6. I live not far from here! It's so pretty! Looks like you had a lovely time, copious amounts of tea and cake is the perfect way to spend a weekend!

    Sophs xx

    The Sopho Diaries

  7. This looks amazing, i'v been looking at planning a mini break for easter, my friends and i always want to go down to Newquay but living in Leeds no one wants to drive down.
    Love Sammie x