Wednesday, 13 March 2013

GHD Total Volume Foam

I've been testing out the GHD Total Volume Foam for a while and thought it was about time it appeared on my blog. The usual types of hair styling products I tend to use are  hairspray, heat protection spray, serum etc, so a volume foam was a new one to me!

GHD recommend using 2 to 4 pumps of this foam to damp hair before blow drying. I opted to use around two pumps for my hair, which turned out to be plenty. I was worried about this foam making my hair crispy, sticky or heavy, I don't know why but I always imagine foam products will do this, but it didn't at all. It's a very light product that's easy to apply.

In terms of adding volume, I didn't notice a massive difference. I do feel like this product would work well when properly blow drying hair (rather than just blasting it like I do), or using it with heated rollers or something like that. It also contains GHDs heat protect system which is always a bonus!

Have you tried any of the GHD styling products? What did you think? x

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Disclaimer: this product was sent to me in exchange for a review and a text link.


  1. I love GHD hair styling/care product, their heat protection sprays are amazing!

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  2. great review! I've never actually tried many GHD hair products, may need to look into it more now though :)