Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wishlist: prints

I was away in Devon last weekend and for what feels like the first time in ages, the sun was out! I may have been slightly over-optimistic, but I was dreaming of wearing cute prints, pastels, bold shades and outfits without jackets or coats! I've picked out some of my favourite spring time pieces below.

Pastel prints:

I'm really looking forward to wearing cute pastel prints. I love the floral brocade pattern on the skirt and trousers, they're a great way to wear the pastel trend without having to wear solid blocks of colour. I feel like delicate is the way to go with pastels, otherwise I worry that I might end up looking like a giant sweet or something like that. I also like the grey to purple ombre effect on the dress, again it's a slightly more subtle way of wearing both pastels and prints!

Bold prints:

As much as I'm loving pastels, I'm also exciting to start wearing some bolder colours. I'm pretty bad at sticking to my comfort zone in outfit choices, I do like to stick to grey, black, purple and burgundy. But I am hoping to move away from this in spring time and introduce some brighter prints into my wardrobe. I love the kaleidoscope dress from the selection above, it has still got some black in there but it's a nice bold print contrasted with the coral colour, so it counts ;). 

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What are you looking forward to in Spring? Will you be choosing the pastel or bold prints? x

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  1. Some really nice pieces here, especially the pastel floral print trousers. Roll on spring! x

  2. i would have had no idea that the pastel dress was from boohoo, it's so pretty and something i would never have picked out myself, but i've fallen in love with it! x

  3. Love those floral print trousers! Not sure what I'd wear with them though, what do you think?! Great post. x