Thursday, 8 November 2012

Like Santa, but in website form...

Ask Her Friends is a genius website especially designed to help your boyfriend/husband/dad/whoever choose the perfect gift. If you need to give someone a push in the right direction for Christmas, then this is the perfect tool!

Ask Her Friends lists a wide range of products, from makeup to music to mini-breaks! Most guys I know tend to prefer buying presents all from one place, they don't like to shop around, so this is the perfect one stop shop! The brands listed on Ask Her Friends covers everything you could possible want, there's OPI, Bobbi Brown, Clarisonic, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Paperchase, Orla Kiely and loads more.

Not only is Ask Her Friends great for listing so many amazing brands and stores all in one place, it also gives the buyer the chance to create an 'Advice List'. This list can then be shared via Facebook or email with the recipient's family and friends, so they can advise, rate and comment on which of the shortlisted gifts would be loved the most.

If your gift buyer has no idea where to start, then they can get some help from the 'Idea Map'.
 Just answer the questions to suit the recipient and the Idea Map will give you some suggested gifts based on your answers - could it get any more helpful?! Well yes actually, there's a blog too with more ideas for the perfect gift :)

I would be so happy to receive loads of the items on this website, so instead of blatantly hinting about one gift to your boyfriend, point him towards Ask Her Friends and receive something unexpected, but perfect instead :)
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