Sunday, 18 November 2012

Kelly Brook makeup at New Look

I'm not a makeup snob or anything like that, I have a massive mix of both 'drugstore' and higher end makeup, but I haven't really ventured into makeup sold by clothing retailers before. They just don't immediately pop into my head as a place to buy makeup - but saying that, I've actually been pretty impressed with this Kelly Brook range so far!

In the last image, I'm wearing the blusher, the palest eyeshadow, the mascara and the lip gloss along with Estee Lauder DW light foundation, Rimmel pressed powder and Collection 2000 eyeliner. I'm going to do a separate post of the eyebrow kit and the nail varnishes :)

Blusher in 'Bardot Pink' - The packaging of this blusher is so cute, the lid is covered in polka dots and the signature Kelly Brook bow. There's a small brush concealed under the blusher, but I chose not to use this as it's pretty small and used my Real Techniques blush brush instead. The blusher isn't as pigmented as I'd like, so it took a little while to build up the kind of colour I like, but once on it stays put and has lasted all day. I really like the delicate pink colour, it's perfect for a hint of winter colour. 

Smoky Eyes palette - The greys and darker colours in this palette don't suit me at all so I used the pale, champagne-y colour. I love this shade, it's the type of colour I would usually go for in the daytime. It's actually surprisingly pigmented compared to the blusher and again it lasted all day with a tiny bit of creasing but nothing serious. 

Mascara - This was the item that I was most impressed with. The massive brush really separates the lashes and gives amazing length. It takes quite a few coats to get your lashes looking thick but that's fine, everyone does that anyway!

Lip Gloss - Finally, I don't usually wear lip gloss at all, but the colour of this is a gorgeous neutral daytime shade which isn't sticky! It actually felt like I was just wearing quite a heavy lipstick, usually the thought of sticky lip gloss puts me right off, so this is awesome :)

Have you ever tried any of the Kelly Brook makeup range, or any other makeup ranges by clothes retailers? x

Sorry about the massive image - I was a bit lazy and put it all together on Picmonkey - please let me know if it takes ages to load or anything and I'll sort it out. 


  1. I haven't tried any of the range, but I really want to pick up some of the blushers, even if it is just 'cause the packaging is so pretty! xo

  2. this is lovely!
    im quite surprised that the makeup is so nice

  3. i like the nail polish with the poka dots!! haha!!! never tried anything from retailers unless you count a nail polish or 2 from select!!! lol :P it's good to see this isn't just some gimmicky make up range promoted by some airhead celeb!! (Even though I know Kelly Brook isn't an airhead! lol) :)

    Sarah x x

  4. I've seen the range advertised but not seen it in the shops. I love how pretty the packaging is! xo

  5. I'm always put off makeup from a clothes shop, but I'd give this a go!

  6. I love the look!! Totally nailed it :) You look gorgeous!!


    The Misty Mom

  7. The packaging is so cute! You look lovely!

    Carmen Ri.

  8. Nice stuff!
    Hey what about following each other? Visit my blog and let me know, it would be great to keep in touch!

  9. This makes me want to buy it!!!xmas list!! ;) xxx

  10. Just found your blog dear. Love it and this post too :)

    Hope you'll visit me, I will be so grateful ;)
    Lots of kisses, Elena