Tuesday, 6 November 2012


My boyfriend, Josh, travels round the country doing various DJ gigs and running events, so I quite often get to tag along and join in the fun too! The picture above is an example of this from a couple of weeks ago, at a Freshers Ball, where we stumbled upon a meet and greet with JLS.

It was pretty funny, the queue to meet them was massive! People were just being shipped in for their photo, then shipped right off the other side of the stage - so much for meet and greet - it was just a 2 second photo then gone! I'm not really complaining though, I got to snuggle up to Marvin which I was quite happy about. Aston didn't seem to happy about this though and tried to get in on the action too haha. This is in no way intended to sound like I'm bragging (I'm not sure JLS are anything much to brag about anyway), I just wanted to show you guys what kind of things I get up to when not working or blogging!

My beloved leather knee-patch leggings, which I'm wearing in the photo above, died a sad death recently :( I think they got too hot in the tumble-dryer and one of the leather patches melted and stuck to itself :( does anyone know where I can get some replacements? They were originally from H&M, but it was soooo long ago when I got them.
I'm also not too sure about JB's trousers?! (I'm not going to lie, I did have to google it to find out his name :| oops) What are they?! Studded chino type things... weird!

We had rubbish acts at my Freshers Ball - I think it was Stavros Flatly and I can't remember who else :| - who was at yours? x


  1. How frustrating about you leggings! Cool picture :)


  2. Great picture :) I had Booty Luv and the Hoosiers at my Freshers thing 3 years ago, not the greatest. Shame about your leggings

  3. I didn't even go to my Freshers' Ball - I think we had N-Dubz playing though! Our Uni never seemed to get anyone good for events, I went to two graduation balls and it was just a Zane Lowe DJ set one year, then Modestep the next! x

  4. As if you got to meet jls! Even if it was just a swoop in photo! And I agree, those studded trousers are....interesting?