Friday, 19 October 2012

Six Must Have Denims for 2012/2013

Denim is one of the most, if not the most, essential materials of any style-conscious individual’s wardrobe. Although when one thinks of denim, jeans immediately spring to mind in reality denim comes in many fashionable guises. In fact rarely a season goes by when denim, in one form or another, makes its way off the catwalk and into the high street.
If you’re keen to embrace the denim trends of the forthcoming season, check out these six must have denims for 2012/2013.

Cowboy Denim
The fashion trends of the 1950s that were inspired by the cowboy movies of the time are back with a vengeance for the 2012/2013 season. This year’s western-inspired denim is all about being flamboyantly adorned with embroidery, fringes and studs – straight out of the Wild West! 
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Cropped Jeans
Cropped jeans are staying in the limelight for the 2012/2013 winter season. Similar to skinny jeans, cropped denim jeans that are cut below the knee, midway down the calf or just above the ankle, look fantastic with a variety of shoes, including killer high heels and flats. 
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Coloured Denim of Earthy Tones
Since spring this year, coloured denim has been a key feature of the designer and high street stands. Although the lighter and pastel colours of the spring and summer have given way to darker and more autumnal hues of wine, plum, burgundy and brown, as long as its denim and earthy it’s in fashion!
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Denim Jackets                                                                               
The fashion favourite of the 1990s is entering the limelight once again as denim jackets are a leading focus of the forthcoming season. This year’s denim jacket craze is all about wearing the jacket with layers and mixing it with items of clothing that aren’t conventionally associated with denim jackets. For example, wearing the jacket with a smart pair of trousers, a glamorous shirt or evening dress will look ultra chic.
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Double Denim
Whilst wearing double denim has traditionally been a definite fashion no-no, this season’s bold statement of mixing denim with virtually anything has meant a path has been opened for a double denim trend.
Experiment with mixing jeans with denim jackets, cut off denim shorts and even denim shirts to try your hand at this bold look.

Torn and Ripped Denim
It seems all the denim trends of forgone decades are making a comeback this season and none more so than the ripped and torn denim craze of the 80s. Torn denim, whether it’s a jacket, shorts, shirt or jeans is the ultimate symbol of a trendsetter for this season.

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What's your favourite denim trend? x
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  1. I'm all for the torn up jeans & the colorful jeans, but I'm not sure I could ever wear a leather jacket without thinking of the 90's. Haha ;)

  2. I could not live without jeans haha denim is a must for me!

  3. Cropped Jeans is my fav <3

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  4. Great post.I like denim jackets because it looks very stylish.Colored denim is also very popular now.
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