Friday, 28 September 2012

Motel Wishlist & DISCOUNTS!

Motel Rocks are running a promotion over the weekend (28th - 30th September) that I thought you guys would like to hear about! I bloody love Motel stuff, but I'm not going to lie, sometimes it is a bit pricey! They occassionally do pretty good discounts, so when I found out about this one I thought I'd spread the word :)

The images above are a selection of my current favourites and next to them are the prices with the discount applied :) I looove the Gabby Sequin dress, perfect for a bit more of a special night out. When I was typing that I was thinking about Christmas parties... but felt like I couldn't write that as it's still only September, argh haha! The off shoulder top is amazing too, I'm sure I had something similar when I was about 10 - retro or what!

Anyway, onto the good bit - discounts! This weekend Motel are running:
20% off tops and skirts with the code: PAYDAY1
25% off bottoms with the code: PAYDAY2
30% off dresses with the code: PAYDAY3
aaaand, there's free next day shipping for the weekend too! :)

I hope this is helpful to you all - I know I'm definitely going to be purchasing a few bits this weekend :)
What's your favourite Motel item at the moment? Are you going to buy anything? x

*This post isn't sponsored by Motel at all :) just wanted to share this promotion with you guys! x


  1. GREAT POST, payday weekend yayy!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Ooh thanks for letting us know about this, I'm so tempted now! The colour of that sequin dress is gorgeous! :)

    Frances xx

  3. Love the strapless body with cross beads!!

  4. these dresses are lovely! I love the first one especially!
    So lovely to meet you on Friday!

    Much love Amie x x

  5. I agree with you, Motel is sometimes a bit expensive. What a promotion though - I've had my eye on a few things so it was great to find out about it.